Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Movie Review: Ramona and Beezus

I was SO happy when my friend Ashley told me she wanted to see this. Sometimes I have to be secretive about the movies I want to see because they're "kid" movies. I always say the thing I'm excited for the most about having kids is that I have an excuse to watch movies and cartoons meant for the ages 5-12. :D Plus, I remember reading all the Ramona books when I was a little tot, so that was another reason I very much wanted to see this.

Cast: Joey King, the ADORABLE little girl who plays Ramona is just perfect. She's such a good little actress. I've never seen her in anything before, but I've no doubt we'll see more of her in the future. I really like Selena Gomez as well, I think she's just a doll. Her clothes in this movie made me so envious! Ash and I both agreed we'd like to meet whoever picked out her wardrobe. John Corbett, who plays their dad is just great. I really liked him in this. Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful and smart as always. I just can't get enough of her haircut. And finally we come to the delishus (I meant to misspell's a joke in the movie....) Josh Duhamel. IS there a more attractive man in this world? I dare say there is not.... maybe Jason Thompson.... and possibly Zac Efron.... but anyway, it doesn't matter. He's HOT. He had some pretty funny moments in this movie that made me laugh a lot.

Story: I don't know if they used a specific book or multiple books to base this movie off of. I don't remember anything other than names from way back when. But the story was really cute. Ramona is a misunderstood accident prone little girl who tries to help her family out once their father loses his job. That's the basic plot right there. There are nice subplots going on (AKA JOSH DUHAMEL) that work really well. There are plenty of laughs and I am shamed to admit I teared up twice.... but maybe I'm just emotional lately. I was surprised by the LACK of cheesiness. You go to movies like this expecting it to make you roll your eyes at least 10 times, but I didn't do it once! The actors just did a good job with the material, I think. You know how sometimes even the best actors will do a kids movie and their acting is weird because they're trying to make it more "age appropriate?" Well, no one does that in this movie, which I appreciated VERY much.

Favorite Outfit: The wedding dress at the end. I want it. So much.

Favorite Lines: "Who has a name like Beezus, anyway?"........."Jesus?" Hahahaha. Classic.

Total Score: 8.5 out of 10. Yeah, I liked it that much!