Thursday, August 26, 2010

School is for losers......or winners, in my case.

So first off, I apologize if at any time this blog post is weird. I'm starting to feel the effects of the Nyquil I just took.....

Anywhoo. Today was my first day back at the 'ole UVU. I think this semester is going to just be great. School is my escape from the monotonous life I lead and I'm happy to be back and looking forward to "learnding" things.

First up I've got Critical Intro to Lit. Turns out that it's pretty much a philosophy class. Never been good with that sort of thing, but I think it should prove interesting. And I could always use topics for good conversation starters. I mean, we have a section called "Queer Theory" and it's exactly what you think it is. How COULDN'T that start an interesting conversation here in Utah County?

Next I've got Humanities. I may already be in love with my teacher. He's an HBG. If you know me well enough, you know that's my acronym for Hot Black Guy. He hilarious and has charisma up the wahzoo. Definitely looking forward to the class, and not just for the eye candy. We get to study art in it's various forms, even music. I have a feeling my teacher will NOT allow things to be boring.

Then comes Meteorology. The main reason I'm in this class is because I want to be able to have awesome weather conversations with Mark, and eventually he and I are going to be storm chasers, so I think knowing a little bit about that kind of stuff will be useful. For example, don't walk into a tornado. I mean, that's not common sense! You've got to learn that kind of stuff in the classroom. But unfortunately the teacher is REALLY boring and he talks through his nose which drives me crazy. Leslee is in the class with me, so hopefully she'll poke me or something if I start to drowse.

Last I've got Ethics and Values. It's a required class, so I had to take it. I was a little nervous about it at first. You've got to be opinionated in the class, obviously, and I'm just not smart enough to be comfortable with sharing my opinions (or lack thereof). However, after this first class I'm REALLY looking forward to it. My teacher seems awesome, like the type of person I could just listen to for hours because he sounds so intelligent but in a really non-boring way. I can see myself getting comfortable enough with him to actually speak up in class. (Unlike last semester's Brit Lit class which I didn't say a word in the whole semester....)

Well that's that. It should be an adventure. No attractive boys to flirt with or dream about, which sucks, but oh well. :(

Until next time! Peace.


Lu said...

I'll be the one to break it to you: Leslee will SO be asleep before you during meteorology.