Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Employed!

That's right, people. It's time to......


I got a job (finally) at a treatment facility for teen girls. It has definitely been a crazy few weeks. My position is an On-Call staff, but I've been working a bunch. In fact this week I got 40 hours! I haven't worked 40 hours since my days back at Allens. (Don't get me started....I'll just get really sad....)

As most people know I'm not the biggest social butterfly in the world, and this job requires much socializing. I still haven't opened up very much, but I'm pretty friendly, I think. So all has gone well, so far. Once I get the hang of things, and do my best not to be a pansy and stand my ground when it comes to the whole "manipulation" thing some of those girls have going on, I should be just fine. :)

Though I already miss my unemployment because I'm a lazy-A, it's nice to be earning money again. I was getting a bit low on the funds there. What was my first purchase with this said money, you ask? Cotton balls! Psh... and you didn't think I had priorities.

Wish me luck! Peace!


Glen and Chelsea said...

Are you at the place in Mapleton? I worked on-call there for a few months. If you are there, they will call you a lot.