Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yep, Yep. Published......AGAIN!

This time, however, my photographs are being published. Not my prose. Which one is better? I just can't decide. :) Anyway, I submitted 4 photos to be published in the Touchstones publication at UVU. To my delight, I was informed last night that 2 of my photos have been chosen!!! The launch party is November 30 and I can display something if I want. I haven't decided if it's be worth the expense.....but anyway. EXCITING, no? Here are the 2 pics chosen.

Canoes at Legacy Lake

Golden Gate Bridge.

Yeah!! I'm so happy. My goal was to do something awesome, at it was achieved! Peace!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Paper Quilling

For last month's craft, the Crafty McCrafters created paper quilled letters. Lu got the idea from this tutorial. Also, check out her pictures and tutorial here. She has a link to the free hand designs as well, which is what I modeled my first design after.

This is what I did first. I free handed it and I think it turned out pretty well. I haven't framed this one yet, and I don't know if I will. I think I can do another one a lot better....we'll see.

This is my second project. I didn't want to do a letter and I have a thing for peace signs. I traced the outline of the peace sign from clip art. I framed this in a shadow box and it looks incredible! I have it displayed in my room.

This is the latest of my paper quilling adventures. I'm pretty excited about it. I came up with the design myself. It's actually something I draw in my notebooks all the time. I'm really pleased with this one. I'm not sure where I'm gonna hang it yet.

Well, that's all. Peace out.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happy Vacation in Galveston, TX

Well, I finally got a vacation! It was much needed, and so much fun. Leslee and I went to Galveston, TX. In case you don't know where that is, it's right there....that little island in the Gulf of Mexico. We have family there and they ROCK!

We arrived Thursday afternoon and my Aunt Wilma and Uncle Jim picked us at the airport. We stopped at the Olive Garden where I ate some delish chicken alfredo. We spent the day lounging and visiting with the fam. On Friday I was sick with a migraine (and ended up throwing up in a gross Mexican restaurant's bathroom) and stayed in bed half the day. We went on a ferry boat ride where we saw......

Lots of birds.

And dolphins!! I didn't get the best pictures of them. But they were neat. :D

This is a steak house we went to. It was pretty snazzy. I ate a tasty chicken fried steak with creamy mashed potatoes. And the coolest part?? The kid's menu, which was also an activity book.

Yep, that's right. Camping with Dusty. :) :) :)

Other than eating great food, hanging out with the fam, I spent lots of time at the beach.

I made Leslee run into a group of birds to scare them into flying. :) It was funny.

We found a dead fish. I poked it with a stick, just like a small child would, you know, to make sure it was dead.

JJ is the best.

I didn't even know Seth had gotten in the picture! It worked out nicely. :) He's a cutie. He's a Percy Jackson fan, just like me.

And.....I may have gone a little crazy collecting shells. I have plans for them though. Just you wait.

One of the greatest things about my vaca was that I got lots of awesome ocean scape pictures. They have gorgeous sunrise and sunsets there.


Well, that's a short version of the trip, but I didn't want to bore you. Just know, I'm moving to Galveston someday. Peace for now!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Reason #1 to Move to Galveston, TX

The Sunsets.

And that's just one of the many reasons, folks. Stay tuned for a full description of my trip plus lots of fun photos! :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Wednesday,

I can't believe I finally get a day off. A genu-ine day off! What should I do with myself? Here are my options:

1. Sleep until I can't sleep anymore, hang with the dogs, don't shower, eat lots, do homework, edit pictures.

2. Sleep in for a bit....but not TOO long, shower, go shopping, come back and hang with the dogs, do homework, edit pictures.

3. Get up as early as humanly possible (for me that is), shower, get a massage (!!!), come back, hang with the dogs, do homework, edit pictures.

4. Get up, don't shower, deep clean my room and other areas of the house, do homework, edit pictures.

5. Drop everything and just do homework. (This is the option I SHOULD choose!)

6. Drop homework, sleep, pictures, dogs and everything else, fill my car up with gas, head east and see how far I can go.

7. (This one's the biggie) Get up early, shower, go shopping, get a massage, deep clean the house, eat lots, do homework, edit pictures, watch Modern Family.

Well, what do you think is my best option? I better not stick with one, because then that would be a goal that I had made and then I'd fail in achieving that goal. So it's best you and I just play it by ear, Wednesday. We'll see where the wind blows us.

Peace! -Love, Dug