Friday, July 13, 2012

Cool Creations- By Me. :)

Bright and Fun

And another "Joy" for a Nance Granddaughter. This one I love because of the complimentary colors. This isn't the finished product, I added a few more yellow swirls on the top, but I didn't get a picture of it.

This was fun to make. I got the idea off pinterest. It looks even more gorgeous in real life.
Also a Pinterest idea. Obviously I love butterflies. This is just a fun addition to my wall.

Made this for my good friend who loves Hawaii, so I used a tropic theme. :)

For my aunt who loves Disney. Disney's World of Color was my inspiration. :)
Another Disney theme. This one was so FUN to make. It turned out spectacular.

I made this for a wonderful friend of mine. Love the colors I used.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Photoshoot Bloopers (complete with captions)

 "Really? Those are the people we let run this country?"

 "Tomorrow: THE WORLD!!! *Maniacal laughter*"

 "Wait, I'm feelin' some pretty strong energy coming from right around this frame."

 "No one will suspect.......the baby!"

 "No, YOU'VE had too much to drink. My spppeeesh isn't slurbbed at allll."

 "Nutmeg. Yep, I'm definitely tastin' nutmeg."

Anna: "How, how is that cookie? It looks so good. Yum *smacks lips*... I would kill you for that cookie."

 "Dad should have warned me about sisters."

 "Ohhhohohoooo. That is a gooood cookie."

 "If you break it in half, it's like you have TWO cookies!"

"I could kill you very easily."

Happy 100th post to Doug's Supertastic Blogging Experience! Wahoo! Hope you stick with me for more awesomeness to come.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Conversation With My Mom (about some sheets)

Mom: So, how long do you think it will be until you finally fold those sheets you took out of the dryer and threw on the floor?

Dusty: How about we make a deal....

Mom (rudely cutting Dusty off): Deal, you go fold the sheets.

Dusty: Mom, listen. Let's make a deal. (pause)

Mom: (skeptical squinty eye)

Dusty: How about if it doesn't get done by tomorrow morning, you get to keep my first born child.

Mom: How about you go do it now so that you live to have a first born child.

Dusty: Touche

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Conversation With Myself (about my psych teacher)

Doug: I am so sad.

Dusty: It's because you're an idiot.

Doug: I can't help it! I just like to imagine all of the possibilities in life. Is that so bad?

Dusty: Yes, when you go from having a not-actual crush on your teacher but you like to joke about it... to actually having a crush on your teacher.

Doug: Do you think those things can be helped? Because I think that being attracted to a perfectly attractable man is something that comes natural.

Dusty: You know attractable isn't a word, right?

Doug: Actually it is, I just googled it. I quote: capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet. End quote.

Dusty: So, your teacher is a magnet?

Doug: He does have a certain magnetism about him, yes.

Dusty: You just doubled checked google to see if magnetism was a real word, didn't you?

Doug: Bite me.

Dusty: Seriously, though, explain to me how this happened. Because, I thought you were a 26-year-old mature woman.

Doug: Why should I tell you anything?

Dusty: Well, I could sure as heck tell the audience, but I don't think you'd like my tone.

Doug: Fine. But it's going to sound cheesy, and if Leslee reads this, she'll probably roll her eyes.

Dusty: So, you afraid of short, little Leslee?

Doug: At times, yes.

Dusty: Touche.

Doug: She's surprisingly scrappy.

Dusty: OK, continue, please. I'm sleepy.

Doug: Fine. As you mentioned, at first it was just a joke, right? But then I started thinking, "He's a person outside of being my teacher....I bet he's cool."

Dusty: Note to self, always objectify your teachers.

Doug: I'll keep that in mind. I do have a habit of picking the teachers with the little red chili pepper next to their name on rate my professor. Anyway, so remember how he's MY AGE? And NOT MARRIED? And has a super super super great smile?

Dusty: *ahem* remember Leslee might be reading.

Doug: My bad, sorry Les.

Dusty: But do you think it was worth crushing for real on him when now that your class is over, you'll probably never see him again? I mean, you are genuinely sad!

Doug: I know, don't tell anyone.

Dusty: Ha! I'm the cynical one. I rule this body, girl. Ain't nobody gonna know.

Doug: Do I think it was worth it? That's a good question. I guess it depends on what you compare it to.

Dusty: Explain.

Doug: Well, if you compare my crush on him to drugs, then it's totally not worth it. It's only gonna make me more sad in the end, even if for a moment it felt really really good.

Dusty: That makes sense. What's the contradicting side?

Doug: Well, what's that saying? It's better to have loved and lost than never to love at all?

Dusty: Can't lose what you never had.

Doug: This in indeed true, but the crush itself is what I'll be losing, and I did indeed have that.

Dusty: Impressive. Could you expound on that please? I think you're on to something.

Doug: Well, it's the crush that I'm going to miss, that I'm going to mourn. The giddiness that came with the prospect.

Dusty: But do you really think he was ever a "prospect?"

Doug: No, but when the crushed on person is in front of you every Tuesday/Thursday, you have the option of dreaming. Now that I don't have class any more, my chance (though make-believe to begin with) is totally gone.

Dusty: Isn't that kind of a relief for you? I mean, your little paradigm is having a party right now.

Doug: ????

Dusty: Well, you and the little world you've built for yourself are only comfortable when you're safe. By the definition you have created, "being safe" means not having actual relationships with people. You dream of them, get all googly eyed, and then when they become an actual option, you freak out like a cow with mad cow disease.

Doug: What if it was different this time?

Dusty: What if it wasn't?

Doug: Am I hopeless?

Dusty: Probably.

Doug: Thanks for that.

Dusty: Don't make me continue to go all New Haven on you. Leslee is reading.

Doug: Well, I think we could both use some sleep. Can I be sad tonight, though? Just a bit?

Dusty: When have I ever been able to stop you?

Doug: Indeed. See you tomorrow?

Dusty: Peace out.

Doug: Peace.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Awesome awesomeness

Alright, ya'll. I'm SUPER proud of myself for this one. I think it's just beautiful. As like most things, I got the idea from pinterest, but I put my own spin on it. It *only* took ten hours and because I'm dumb and sit on the floor, very cramped knees and an achy back. Worth it. :) Enjoy! Peace!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pineapple is the Best Kind of Apple

I took these like an hour ago....but I had to post a few before I went to work. They're too beautiful not to share asap. I love this little girl. Ya did good, Mark and Lu. Ya did good.


Monday, February 13, 2012

Beautiful Bride. :)

This one (above) is my favorite. I'm a fan of the dramatic. :D :D

I can't stand how pretty this girl is.
Until next time!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

And Cinderella Lost Her Shoe

Here's just a little sneak peak at Vanae's bridal shoot. More to come!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding.

My best friend is getting married soon and I was lucky enough to take her engagement pictures. I've been playing around with textures in photoshop and LOVE the results. Let me know what you think!! :D