Saturday, February 26, 2011

One Day at a Time

I don't update my blog anymore and it makes me sad. What makes me the MOST sad is that I remember I used to write the most hilarious posts about nothing. I don't have anything funny to say anymore. I've lost my creativity. There are two reasons for this. 1.School 2.Work.

School has pretty much sucked the life out of me. Studying literature makes me not want to read. Studying how to write makes me not want to write. And the fact that I'm at school so much is just too much. So, I did what any natural quitter would do. I quit. No more school for me.

Work. I love my job. I do. I'm shocked everyday by the fact I love my job. Unfortunately, it is also sucking the life out of me. I feel that the girls I work with deserve to be my priority. So that's what I make them, and I'm working 40 hours a week, struggling not to go over hours. It's funny. I signed up for the job expecting to work 25-30 hours a week. No, my friends. No. But they love me and I love them and I just hope I'm not messing them up more because I'm crazy and enjoy being inappropriate. Just sayin'.

I dropped school hoping for some free time, but it seems that already those school days are filling with non-relaxing activities. At work, everyone has the motto of taking it one day at a time, staying in the moment, concentrating on the here and now. I'm trying. I really am. But it's hard. Anyway, I'm used to these situations. I seem to have a habit of throwing myself on the sword.

Oh well. It'll get better and I'll paint, and quill, and take photos and visit baby Paul and do all the things I need to do to be happy. :) Even now, I am happy, I promise. I'm just stressed. Hopefully my next post will be hilarious and witty and award-winning.

As always, Peace.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Rachel's Bridals

Here are some Bridals I took last weekend. Indoor lighting is pretty tough, it was a downpour that day, but I think these turned out pretty great. :) Thanks Rach, you're gorgeous!