Thursday, May 28, 2009

Remember that time........

When I didn't have a job? When I came home from school and didn't have to do anything but play? When I'd call Traci and be like: Can you play? Then we'd do something cool, like crash a 4-wheeler into my fence. When I watched awesome shows with the sibs at seven in the morning like Ronan Warriors and Littlest Pet Shop? (It always pays to have some variety!) When there was no pressure in relationships because I was too young to even be allowed a boyfriend? When It was totally cool that I knew nothing about politics because I was suppose to be stupid? (Because when you're young, it's not stupid to be stupid.) When cell phones didn't exist which meant I could get a good nights sleep without twenty people sending me text messages? When being responsible for your own life was something you looked forward to? When living with your parents wasn't something people looked down upon? When The X Files was still on TV? When ten dollars was like a million? When I could come home and play with Stomper? When my Dad had a mullet? When Camcorders were as big a car? When my neck didn't hurt so much? When I didn't have to shower for three days? When I didn't have to shave my legs??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Fantabulous Week in Review.

Well, we'll start off with Monday. Monday was the day I anticipated the rest of the week.
Tuesday was the BIG DAY. On Tuesday book 5 of a great series I read by author Rick Riordan was released. The series is called Percy Jackson and The Olympians. (Yes, they are children/ young adult novels.) Basically I'm in love with the series. It's all about Greek Mythology which I happen to be obsessed with. So anyway, this book that came out on Tuesday is the final book in the series. I was pretty nervous to read it. But oh man. It was the greatest book I've ever read. I love Rick Riordan. His books pretty much solidified my desire to write. And the Percy Jackson series are just the type of books I want to write. I can't wait.
Wednesday was the day after I read that fantastically great book. I was pretty tired since I stayed up until three A.M reading it! But also, I had lunch with Traci. It was SO good to catch up with her. I love her to death. I hope she has fun in Hawaii!!
Thursday was also a big day. It was STAR TREK day!!! We waited in line pointlessly for four hours to see the 11:00 p.m showing. No one even started lining up until ten o'clock! We thought it was going to be massive chaotic crowds, but alas, we were first in line. A girl from a BYU newspaper was in line after us and she was writing an article about the premier. She interviewed my family and me. It was pretty funny. My dad has a tendency to go a bit wild. His interview ended up being almost 45 minutes long.
Anyway. The point is: Star Trek was phenomenal. It was nothing like the original series to be honest. It was much better. The acting was good (And the cast uber attractive), the effects were good, the story was good (although I always go a little psycho with time travel story lines. My minds tends to go around in circles until I'm exhausted.) All in all I give it a 10 out of 10.
Friday was just a boring Friday until Mark and Lu arrived from Logan. They confirmed that they will be having a little boy!! Gah, I'm so excited. From this time forward he will be known as: Little Nephew Ruddiger.
Also on this exciting Friday night, I checked to see if my grades had been posted. To my shock I actually passed Biology. I honestly did NOT think that was going to happen. Mind you, I passed with a C, but still. It's passing. I got an A in my Myth Lit class. That was pretty obvious though. I say with no hesitation that I kicked butt in that class.
Saturday I enjoyed taking family photos for a cute family. During the afternoon I just hung out around the house. Then in the evening I went again to Star Trek. :) This time we had a group of 11 people. It was a blast. The movie was even better the second time! Zachary Quinto, I'm in love with you. Unless you are playing a scary serial killer in Heroes.
After the movie we went to Red Robin for some great food. All in all, good day.
Today(Sunday) I spoke in church. I will admit I had more than a few of people with misty eyes by the time I was finished. :) At home, I cooked dinner for my mothers day gift to mine mum. I made my kick A fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn. I did it all on my own and it turned out delicious. I'm a pretty good cook come to think of it.

So now here I sit, watching Tom Cruise hotly fly fighter jets in Top Gun. I think I'm going to do a little writing and then go to bed. I really don't want to go to work tomorrow. I need a vacation. (Bryan when you read this please don't take that personally!)

Hopefully my good day streak will continue. As always, Peace!