Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Coloring and Pineapple

Hello! Here just a little something that I've been wanting to do for a while. Food coloring is kind of cool, aye?

I also wanted to share a little sneak peak of what's to come. You've probably noticed that 90% of the pictures I post on this blog are of my little nephew. Well, now you'll get even MORE cuteness! I was blessed with a niece this past week, she's the cutest little Pineapple around. Here is a little snipit from her newborn photoshoot (she better get used to the camera in her face...) only 4 days old!

I'm the luckiest Aunt in the whole world. :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dug's Craft Closet: Inspiration Box

Hey guys! Isn't it great when you are looking around at all the extra (seemingly useless) scraps you have in your craft box and then you have this ingenious idea to use all the random pieces together to make something great (and FREE!!)? That happened to me this morning. Well, to be honest, I thought of this a few weeks ago and even attempted to put together what was in my head. But it didn't work. It sucked actually. Thankfully, second time 'round was the charm. So, let me introduce you to my cute Inspiration Box.

I started off with a Crayola box that I had purchased for a previous craft I was working on. The box was a 164 count package and came with a bunch of boxes inside. When I emptied it out I just KNEW I had to do something with it. So then I took a gander in my craft closet to see what I had around. You can use ANYTHING that you have around to decorate your box. Here is what I had around for my box: Paint, scraps of ribbon, sticky butterfly stencils, brads, alphabet stencil (I actually had to buy one....but that's it.), scraps of paper, buttons, and a black fine point Sharpie!

First: The box. It's pretty much the easiest thing in the world. I painted it a dark brown. It actually took quite a few coats to cover the cartoon crayons all over the box, so have patience and let your coats dry completely. Next I decided to add a snazzy ribbon. I used a different patterned ribbon for a little flourish on the side. I used a brad to hold them together. You can either use hot glue or mod podge to stick your ribbon on the box. I decided to mod podge the whole thing because acrylic paint chips off rather easy. Once I mod podged it, I simply put the ribbon on before it dried. I dabbed a touch of hot glue on the edges of the ribbon on the bottom of the lid just to secure it.

I also added some stenciled butterflies using metallic paint. :)

On the bottom of the lid I added a little text by using stencil and paint. Easy easy easy!!

Last: What is my box for, I thought? While I was a Beehive Advisor in the Young Women, I grew to love making handouts. Also, I love quotes. I thrive on quotes. You see, I have absolutely no talent for saying things that are inspiring, so use some form of the phrase "If you can't do, teach." and there you have it. :) I therefore, made my box into an Inspiration Box. I am going to fill it with things that inspire me. Quotes, notes from other people, favorite scriptures, fortunes that are actually as good as the cookie they come in and anything else that puts a smile on my face. I am going to use my love for making handouts to make my quotes interesting and more than just scraps of boring paper. Here are just a few that I've already put together.

I wanted to upload more, but Blogger seems to be hating me right now. I want to punch it in the face. You get the point, though.

I also put things like this in my box:
It's one of the many random, funny messages that Les and I leave each other. At least we used to when I lived at home........ Anyway.

I love this idea because it's something you can keep somewhere out in the open in your house for others to look through. Put it on your coffee table in the dining room. Guests can shuffle through and maybe find something that inspires them! Also, the great thing about finding these quotes and scriptures is that it takes work. It helps develop my spirituality. Why? Because to find a favorite scripture, you have to READ your scriptures. To find a great quote from a prophet, you have to READ their talks and/or watch Conference. To find a good fortune, you have to EAT delicious Chinese food.....(sound logic, no?)

Well, what's in YOUR craft closet?

Peace for now!