Thursday, April 29, 2010

I like:

Cute things. Here are some examples of cute things that I like: Baby ducks, adult ducks, Jane Austin films from the BBC, butterflies, Baby Paul, mini umbrellas, those toothpicks that look like pirate swords, mice, guys who tell me I have the cutest smile at UVU, the small flashlight my mum bought for my car that has pink flowers on it, Zac Efron in High School Musical 1, 2 & 3, Athena (I miss her!), baby cows, those tiny cans of Dr. Pepper (what are they, like 6oz or something?), peeps (though I don't like to eat them, unless they're stale), The Little Red Hen, panda bears, the number 4 (don't ask me, I just think it's cute), flowers, the piggy bank that Leslee bought me one Christmas that says "little slugger" on it, Delphinus, Mr. Peanut, keychains, puppies, Michael Buble songs, Michael Buble, Snuggles (You know, the fabric softener bear?), Barkley's reaction when you blow in his face.......
So, if you are thinking about getting me a present, which I know most people are thinking that all the time, any of these things will do......though I don't know how you can "get" a constellation....but it makes for a great challenge. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Tulip Festival

As promised, here are some of the pictures I snapped at this year's tulip festival at Thanksgiving point. :)

These flowers are actually a lot darker purple. For some reason, my camera processed the color a little different.

Just had to sneak this one in. He's so cute.

I LOVE this picture. :) Baby Paul looks just like his mum.

For some reason, to me, these flowers look like they're made of frosting. It makes my mouth water just looking at it.

The color, shape, and texture of the petals in this picture I love. So pretty.

And for your entertainment, here is what I look like when I try and take these pictures. Looking like a fool comes with the job, I guess. Thanks to Les for snapping these. :)

Yep. There ya go. :) Peace!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Love My Calling. :)

So, I just want to say that I love making cute handouts for YW. Tonight, I started my lesson late and so I didn't have time to go out and buy supplies. However, this is what I made from what I found in my storage room. I just think it's so simple and cute. :)

Also, last week for our activity on Tuesday, we went to the Provo temple and took pictures. You guys have probably figured out by now that I'm obsessed with taking pictures of flowers. :) Here is a great shot that I'm very proud of. I haven't even touched it in photoshop, so that makes it even cooler. :D

If you like this, you should tell me, because I can post a whole LOT more if you want. I went to the Tulip Festival yesterday with Les, Lu, and Baby Paul. We had SO much fun. And I got some really nice pictures too.
Well, until next time! Peace :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby Steps, right?

I talked to Career Center Boy(CCB) today. (Please click here if you don't know who I'm talking about.)
There I was, walking through the hallway. He was hotly sitting at his desk, and I thought, "hey! there he is!" I haven't seen him since that first memorable day, and it was quite nice to see him again. He's like a 10, ladies. Seriously. HOT.
As I walked past him, I had a wild thought!!! You see, I had just finished my math homework whilst eating lunch in the Valley View Cafe. (Yum! Best salad bar ever.) And all the pages were loose. I needed a stapler. So......why not ask CCB for a stapler? This is how I pictured it in my head,
Me: "Hey, do you have a stapler I can borrow?"
CCB: "Sure * hotly passes me a stapler*, you know, you look familiar. Were we in a class together last semester?"
Me: "Um, *playing dumb* I don't know, maybe."
CCB: "Huh, It's just you have the most beautiful eyes. I swear I've seen them before."
Me: *Blushing profusely* "Oh, well, haha. Thank you." *Flutters eyelashes for effect.*
CCB: "Say, I'm about to take a lunch break. How would you like to join me?"
Me: "I'd be delighted." *Flash signature smile*

So, no, things didn't go exactly as planned. Here's what really happened,
Me: "Hey, do you have a stapler I can use?"
CCB: "Um, yeah. Here ya go." *Passes me the stapler.*
Me: *Staples paper together* "Thanks."

And then I turned around and walked away. I know. Intense, right??? I mean, wow. Reality is SO much better than my imagination! (Please note that I am using much sarcasm as I type that.)

Why didn't it go like I planned? I have made a list.
1. I didn't wear my hair down today. I look tons better with my hair down. It hides the lack of jaw line...
2. I wore a really cute shirt, but it has kinda puffy sleeves, making my shoulders look broad. Pair that with my hair being pulled back, accentuating my small head.....
3. I'm a loser.
4. All I did was ask for a stapler. I should have made a joke or something.
5. I can't make spur of the moment jokes, which would have helped with #4.
6. He's outta my "attractiveness" league. I mean, this guy should be in a Gap advertisement.

But, after making this list, I've decided the REAL reason things didn't go like I thought, is this:
I'm way too cool for him. He couldn't even BEGIN to handle my coolness. So, he decided not to say anything about my beautiful eyes, because he was to intimidated by the aura of awesomeness that seeps from my every pore.

*Sigh.* Poor guy, I hope he'll recover soon.

Until next time, Peace!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cute Cute Davis Kids. :)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of taking pictures for a good friend of mine. These are her adorable kids. She's getting anxious to see them, so to give her a little teaser, here are just a few of my favorites. :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still on that roller coaster ride........

Here are a few pics of the Muse concert Leslee and I attended on Monday. It was SO fun. They didn't talk to the audience much. I was very saddened by this because I like me a good British accent. Judging from the opening band, however, dropping the "f" bomb every two minutes, I guess I can see Muse's lack of conversation as a good thing. I was so excited by all the great songs they played. And they played a LOT!! Their stage setup was kick-A and all the lasers and psychedelic-ness going on was pretty crazy. I'm pretty sure they had subliminal messages going there....but I haven't killed any government officials yet, so I think I'm in the clear.

Here's some good news for the week, both of which pertain to my Brit lit class. We finally got our scores back for the midterm and critical papers. I got 97% on the test and a 93% on my critical paper. I know most people think that A's are just given away for free at UVU, but I worked hard for those grades and am really excited. :) Unfortunately, I have another paper due on Tuesday. This one I'm even more nervous about, and should be working on it instead of blogging. But I've found that if I try and fit everything together in my head and write it last minute, I do better. Ken said it's probably the adrenaline I get, knowing it's due the next day, that kicks my "intelligence" into gear. I think he's right. Either way, keep your fingers crossed for me!

My last day of work at Healthwise is on Monday. I still haven't put in any applications. I'm such a lazy butt. I better get said butt in gear or I'm going to be in a pile know..crap. Too bad you can't see the future....I could have saved myself from buying that car.....and saved the Mallard in the process. Although, that also means I could have died, seeing as how the Mallard was one tick away from exploding every time I stepped in that thing. *Sigh* I miss that car. She was a gem. :)

I went laser tagging last night with some friends. That is a fun activity. Talk about a great leg workout. At least, a good workout for those who are ridiculously out of shape like me.

Also, Mark Nance is a "Connect 4" genius. How do I beat him?? He's too strategic. I wish I had gotten some of that trait. Oh well. I got green eyes, so I can't complain.

Why do I get hungry when the clock strikes midnight?? Is it like that for everyone? I'm trying to make a goal to not eat after ten, but once that little hand inches it's way closer to the 12, my stomach, or better yet, my brain (because I'm usually not even hungry) starts yelling at me to eat something. Like right now, all I can think about are chocolate chip cookies.

I got my ganglion cyst drained on Tuesday. I was SO cool. I decided to watch. I was too chicken the first time. The PA who drained it from me was Steve, he works with my dad. He gave me a shot of lidocaine in my wrist and numbed it right up. Then he took this gargantuan needle (seriously, this needle is 2 inches long, and thicker than a quilting needle), and pushed it through. It took him a while to find the darn thing, so he had to move it around. That was kind of gross. He finally got it and this clear liquid started filling the syringe. Then he pulled the needle out and injected (through the same hole) something else...I'm not 100% sure what it was, but it was milky and white. Anyway, so after he was done, I asked if I could look at the stuff in the syringe. He squirt it out on the table! There was about a dime size amount of this stuff. Picture what the consistency of OraGel or something like that is, and that's pretty much what it looked like. It was completely clear, no blood or anything mixed with it. It was SO cool. Then Steve touched it with his finger!! It made me laugh. Those PA's, they don't get grossed out by anything. :)

Well, now that I've grossed you out, I'll call it a successful night! Peace!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Movie Review: Clash of the Titans

Synopsis: (Taken from IMDB and edited by me because of many grammatical errors.) "The Clash of the Titans" is set in the Greek city of Argos where a war is about to explode between man and the gods. Perseus (Sam Worthington) was raised as a fisherman, but is actually a demi-god. Perseus is the bastard son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) who is about to take on the gods after the death of his family. Zeus' brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) was the one who killed his family, and Perseus wants to kill him. However, it is Perseus' destiny to rescue the city of Argos from the ruthless rage of Hades and his Kraken monster. With nothing to lose, Perseus leads a band of soldiers on a quest to defeat the Kraken. In doing this, Perseus will prevent Hades from overthrowing Zeus and in turn destroying mankind.

My thoughts-

Acting: The acting was good. We have some great actors on the list here. Sam Worthington (Avatar), Liam Neeson (Schindler's List), Ralph Fiennes (Harry Potter) and Mads Mikkelson (King Arthur). They were all great, even with the script being campy at times.

Special effects/cinematography/overall "look" of the movie: Great. All of it. There were a few moments where the special effects had a slight cartoon-ish look, but very seldom.

Music: Oh. My. The music was fantastic. Ramin Djawadi was the composer, though I believe some themes were written by Craig Armstrong, as he was originally set to do the score. But whoever did it, did a great job. I've got to get it from iTunes asap. I've needed a good score to soothe my hectic life, and this just might be the one to do it!

Story/plot: OK, here is where things get a little sticky. I'm a mythology buff. And I am quite partial to the myth of Perseus. Unfortunately, the screenwriter for this movie was not. Some of what they added was fine, like the whole "war with Hades" thing. I didn't mind it at all, and it really added some nice dynamics to the story. But here's the BIG thing that they did, and I still just don't get it. In the myth, (and yes, there are many versions of said myth, but this one fact remains the same in all of them.) Perseus falls in love with Andromeda. Um, hello! You can't just take that out of the story, but they did! What's the point of it all if you do that????? Instead, they decided to throw in this random character named Io, who is so pointless and stupid, and I can't even deal with it. Seriously, my mind is boggled by this character. She makes no sense, shows up randomly, seems to know everything, but you have no idea why. She's dumb and I hate her. The movie would have been almost perfect if they'd not added her stupid character. You think she dies, which made me so happy. But no, they bring her back in the end in this lame cliche' scene. And they imply that Perseus hooks up with her. This may seem like the lamest reason for disliking a movie, but I'm seriously bugged, you guys. To the point that I want to throw something. Andromeda's character was made into this background character who had like two scenes in the film. Ugh. Why did they do that?? I just don't understand. And I'm pissed.

In conclusion: Up until the last five minutes of the movie, I was entertained. It had some good aspects to it, some cheesy aspects, but all in all, good flick. However, I left the theater feeling really unsatisfied.

My rating: 6.5 out of 10

Concert Review: Michael Buble' Crazy Love Tour

Last night was phenomenal. That's all I can say. Simple amazing in every single respect. Bubbles' opening act was an acapella group called, Naturally 7. They're insane. Look them up on youtube. All the instrumental sounds are made by their voices. One of the guys can make his voice sound like an electric guitar in an crazy way. They were great and very entertaining.
Then came the moment of truth. The white curtains were closed, but the band began to play. They started out with the first song on his new CD, "Cry Me a River." As the they played, the lights started to flash and you could see the silhouette's of the band members. And then........his voice came.......and for a moment I went into cardiac arrest. Now, I went to his concert last time he came to Utah, but it didn't stop the fact that I was there last night from being completely surreal. The curtains opened and there he was in all his hotness and glory. After he sang another song, he stopped and started talking to the audience. What I love about him is he is SO personable. He really connects with you and chats with you, in a really non-scripted way. He makes jokes, tells you about his life..etc. And his voice is just FLAWLESS. He is genuinely talented, unlike so many of our current music "artists."
He did a few new songs, one song he heard in Sweden or something, and he also did a really hilarious Michael Jackson impression and sang a few notes of "Billie Jean." He did the whole running into the audience thing. The way he did it was not as cool as the last tour....but I was still jealous of all those people who were able to feel the sweat dripping off of him. *Sigh....*
My one complaint was that he didn't sing my song. There is a bonus track on his new CD which is "Some King of Wonderful." It's my favorite song. Ever. But I let it slide, only because I adore him so much. He ended the concert with the same song as last year, because it's just so appropriate. He closed with "Song for You."
And then he was gone, and he took my soul with him. That's OK, he can have it. It'll give me something to say when I meet him. (Which I totally will....someday.) "Oh hey, Mr. Buble', Can I have my soul back please.....or an exchange would be fine. Keep the soul, I'll take you instead."

Yep. That'll be one great day. Until then, I'll just have to make due with what I've been given, and that is one hell-of-a night that I'll never forget. :)