Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still on that roller coaster ride........

Here are a few pics of the Muse concert Leslee and I attended on Monday. It was SO fun. They didn't talk to the audience much. I was very saddened by this because I like me a good British accent. Judging from the opening band, however, dropping the "f" bomb every two minutes, I guess I can see Muse's lack of conversation as a good thing. I was so excited by all the great songs they played. And they played a LOT!! Their stage setup was kick-A and all the lasers and psychedelic-ness going on was pretty crazy. I'm pretty sure they had subliminal messages going there....but I haven't killed any government officials yet, so I think I'm in the clear.

Here's some good news for the week, both of which pertain to my Brit lit class. We finally got our scores back for the midterm and critical papers. I got 97% on the test and a 93% on my critical paper. I know most people think that A's are just given away for free at UVU, but I worked hard for those grades and am really excited. :) Unfortunately, I have another paper due on Tuesday. This one I'm even more nervous about, and should be working on it instead of blogging. But I've found that if I try and fit everything together in my head and write it last minute, I do better. Ken said it's probably the adrenaline I get, knowing it's due the next day, that kicks my "intelligence" into gear. I think he's right. Either way, keep your fingers crossed for me!

My last day of work at Healthwise is on Monday. I still haven't put in any applications. I'm such a lazy butt. I better get said butt in gear or I'm going to be in a pile know..crap. Too bad you can't see the future....I could have saved myself from buying that car.....and saved the Mallard in the process. Although, that also means I could have died, seeing as how the Mallard was one tick away from exploding every time I stepped in that thing. *Sigh* I miss that car. She was a gem. :)

I went laser tagging last night with some friends. That is a fun activity. Talk about a great leg workout. At least, a good workout for those who are ridiculously out of shape like me.

Also, Mark Nance is a "Connect 4" genius. How do I beat him?? He's too strategic. I wish I had gotten some of that trait. Oh well. I got green eyes, so I can't complain.

Why do I get hungry when the clock strikes midnight?? Is it like that for everyone? I'm trying to make a goal to not eat after ten, but once that little hand inches it's way closer to the 12, my stomach, or better yet, my brain (because I'm usually not even hungry) starts yelling at me to eat something. Like right now, all I can think about are chocolate chip cookies.

I got my ganglion cyst drained on Tuesday. I was SO cool. I decided to watch. I was too chicken the first time. The PA who drained it from me was Steve, he works with my dad. He gave me a shot of lidocaine in my wrist and numbed it right up. Then he took this gargantuan needle (seriously, this needle is 2 inches long, and thicker than a quilting needle), and pushed it through. It took him a while to find the darn thing, so he had to move it around. That was kind of gross. He finally got it and this clear liquid started filling the syringe. Then he pulled the needle out and injected (through the same hole) something else...I'm not 100% sure what it was, but it was milky and white. Anyway, so after he was done, I asked if I could look at the stuff in the syringe. He squirt it out on the table! There was about a dime size amount of this stuff. Picture what the consistency of OraGel or something like that is, and that's pretty much what it looked like. It was completely clear, no blood or anything mixed with it. It was SO cool. Then Steve touched it with his finger!! It made me laugh. Those PA's, they don't get grossed out by anything. :)

Well, now that I've grossed you out, I'll call it a successful night! Peace!


Chubbylove said...

Seriously, Muse was awesome. And the opening band....not so much. And it was pretty much every 2nd word out of his mouth that was the 'f' word! But still, great times. Happy to hear about your papers....again :) I just thought I'd say congrats in print. Well, chow. I'll miss you at work :(

Lu said...

I'm the same way with writing papers, if it makes any difference to you. I'll start the research and get everything brewing a week or so in advance, and then wait until the day before to write it. Most of the time it does stress me out a little bit, but I only ever turned in one paper that I felt was terrible. And after I told the professor it was the worst I'd ever EVER written, he gave it back to me, unread, and I wrote a much better one for him. :)

And I think you've got an awesome topic! I'd love to hear more about what you put in the paper.