Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Quilling for Christmas (again!!)

Once again, I'm going to show off one of my talents. :)

This one is for my niece....though she's much too young to appreciate it. But her father would probably kill me if I bought her more clothing for Christmas and she's not old enough to like anything specific.....so I thought, why not make something that she may enjoy when she's older? And for now her mom can do the job of appreciating. :)

Seriously.......I. Freaking. Quilled. A. Pineapple. Cutest thing ever. If you don't know, my niece was named after the Russian word for Pineapple.

This one is for my good friend April. She was recently fired from her job, so I figured something hopeful......such as the word "hope" would be something suiting for her.

Well, Merry Christmas! Peace.