Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Jimmy Photo Shoot

So, Lu asked me to take some photos of Baby Paul for a calendar she's working on for a Christmas gift. Here are a few of my favorites. :) I think the ones with him in the tie are absolutely gorgeous...if I'm allowed to brag...but it's not bragging anyway. The subject just happens to be naturally gorgeous.

Oh yeah, Merry Christmas Ya'll. :) -Peace

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pain, Pain Go Away

Today on the Supertastic Show, we are going to be learning about medical stuff. (Lu, after seeing that video you posted on your blog, I thought you'd enjoy the inarticulateness of that sentence.)

As some of you may know, I have back pain. A lot. What is the cause of this back pain you may ask? Well, let me tell you.

I've recently been unable to move (walk, sit, lay [the last two being my favorite pastimes.]) without causing myself much pain and sorrow. So I went and had myself an MRI. This is not the first one I've had. I also had one when I was around 15-16 for similar reasons. What I learned then apparently has not changed much. So, the findings of this MRI were quite similar to my past MRI.

When I was checked for Scoliosis way back in the day, the doctor said I was positive for it. But alas! He was wrong. Upon getting a second opinion, with the help of the super x-ray abilities of the MRI, we learned I actually had what was called Schuermann's Disease. This disease is the deformation of your vertebrae, causing your spine to curve outward.

Here is a handy picture in which I have digitally circled the deformed vertebrae. As you can see, some of the vertebrae are more pie-shaped than square.

So Dusty, is this what causes you so much pain? Why no, it is not, I just thought you might like to know. All I know is that someday this disease may give me a "mighty hump" as Mr. Burns would say.

So what is causing my pain? Well, I have learned (from both MRIs) that I have two herniated discs in my lower back. (Animation pictured below)

Ouch right?? Double ouch! As stated above, I have two herniated discs. One is located on the bottom level of my Lumbar Curve, and the other is the top level of my Sacral Curve. Again, with the wonderful use of modern technology, I have circled in red the area of which I speak.

So, what are my options? Well, one is to just live with it. The herniations are not so bad that they are in danger of causing any neurological problems. So I could just go around walking like my grandpa all the time. But that is no fun. Nor is it attractive, and heaven knows, life is about being attractive.

Another option is a Spinal Injection. They take super long needles and punch it into your spine and fill you will nice Cortisone. No, not like the cream. It's actually an anti-inflammatory medicine that is made from steroids naturally produced by your own body!! Who knew that WE were the cure all along?? This picture below shows one reason why I do NOT want to have this procedure. See that huge needle being punched into that spine?? Yeah, I know.

So the only option left is to take a Medrol Dose Pack. They're oral steroids that I'd have to take for a week or so. This is an option I do not want to choose because of the side affects. One of the major side affects is MOOD SWINGS!! I don't want that. No, not at all. My mother has taken Medrol before and boy, her mood swings were crazy!! Also, this is not a cure, just a temporary solution. The injections would actually last a few months longer. But remember that long needle? Anyway the last side affect that worries me is the whole gaining weight thing. Remember how steroids do that? I don't want to end up looking like this guy.

For now my friends, as I ponder this lose-lose situation, I'll stick with my 500mg Lortab!


Well, for now, Peace!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Announcing New Mormon Themed Restaurants

I got this in an email from a friend of mine and found it so funny I wanted to share it! :) Hope you enjoy it too! -Peace

Announced plan to open ! Mormon-themed restaurants

There is an idea floating around Utah, Arizona, Idaho and California for a chain of non-pretentious Mormon-themed restaurants called "The Steak Center" (Where There's Never a Dry, Boring Meating!)

-Each Steak Center will have one enormous dining area with basketball hoops at either end and folding metal chairs and long tables covered in plastic tablecloths.

-The Steak Centers will not have hostesses, but greeters -- men in their seventies will meet you at the door and talk like they have known you all your life.

The main menu items for lunch and dinner will be:

Porterhouse Rockwell Steak

Primary Rib

Poor Wayfaring Pan of Beef

Parsley P. Pratt Funeral Potatoes

Eliza R. Snow crab (in season)

And It Came to Pasta

Kraft MacaMoroni and Cheese.

Breakfast items will include:

Pearls of Great Rice

Frosted Minivans


Also available In Our Lovely Desserts:

Fast Sundaes

Gadianton Cobbler

Laman Meringue Pie (just sinful!)

-The waiters will be 12- and 13-year-old boys wearing white shirts and their fathers' ties..

-At the end of the night the customers will be asked to help fold up the chairs and tables and vacuum the floor.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Aunt Doug? Aunt Awesome? I just can't decide.

Paul Royal Nance

Yeah that's right. Mark and Lu are the proud parents, Ma and Pa are the proud grandparents, Ken's the proud Uncle and Les and I are the proud Aunts. :D Isn't he perfect? Yes. That should be your answer. Peace!

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well, things are good. August was a good month. Nothing too exciting happened, at least not that I can remember at this particular time. I helped Mark and Lu move down from Logan. They live in Springville now, which is awesome. Les and I went over there last Saturday and just chilled. It was good times. I'm glad that they're here. I like chillin with the fam.
A few weeks ago I took pictures for an awesome family I know. Sam had just turned 1 and Megan wanted to get some photos snapped. I took some of cute ones of David too. Here are just a few of my favorites.

I started school last week. So far so good. I think I'll really enjoy my classes this semester. My favorite so far is my Old Testament institute class. My teacher is pretty much the best ever. I've been really lucky when it comes to Seminary and Institute teachers. Anyway, the class is awesome. We've only had two lessons, and I've been blown by both. It's a great way to start off the school day.
I am also taking an English 2010 class. My teacher is very much an.....what's the word...intellectual? Maybe that's the word I want to use. I'm not sure. He's super passionate about writing and reading which is awesome, though sometimes a single sentence from him can make me go: "Wha?" And then I feel stupid. But that's nothing new.
Last and I wish least, I'm enrolled in Math 1010. Let's just pray I can make it through. My Professor is definitely cool, and I've actually made friends in the class (Is that the sound of the end of the world I hear?). But math is like death. Inevitable, but not fun.
Leslee's sure had a good month. A while ago she was at work and her back started to hurt. Pretty soon she was walking all distorted. She was like a walking right angle. So over the the hospital she went and had an MRI. What a surprise! She's got degenerative disc disease, inherited lovingly from Mom. :) I think all the kids got it. I was diagnosed when I was like 15. But unfortunately for Les, one of her herniated discs flared up. I've never had that pleasure, but sure am looking forward to it.
So yesterday she had spinal injections. Yikes! I just about pass out at the thought! Mark and I went with my mom once when she was getting injections. The needles they use are insane! But Leslee said it wasn't as bad as she thought. Hopefully it'll help her for a few months at least.
The best part about this past week was I was able to watch Athena! She's just as cute as ever. This time around she wasn't as easy to tend. She didn't like my Mom for some reason and would cry her eyes out every time I left the room. (This filled me with secret joy in knowing that she liked me more than everyone else.) Yesterday, while Les and the parental units were at the hospital, I watched her all by myself. Yep, we could do OK, she and I. I pretty much adore her, and clearly she thinks I'm awesome. It was sad to see her leave again, but I'm just grateful I got to say goodbye this time.
Now it's time to rest my poor body which is sore from carrying her all over the place. Here's to all the mom's who have to do it everyday!! You guys are great.
Also, another cool thing, I'm finally done with Primary! I will be released tomorrow. What's my new calling you ask? I'm the new Beehives advisor! Wahoo! This should be an interesting experience. I've never taught older kids before. They'll probably end up teaching me a few things. :)
That's all that's going on with me. Thanks for stopping by. Peace!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Years of Growing

Now, don't slide your mouse over to that red X in the right hand corner just yet. I promise that this is not a corny blog, though the title may suggest otherwise. :) I just wanted to talk about my hair. I know, ridiculous right? Here's the thing. As some of you may know, I can't stay with one hair style for too long. We laugh often at pictures of my friends and me at how in each picture my hair is completely different. Well, for about 2 years now, I have been growing my hair out and it's been very difficult. Growing my hair is like......growing a Chia Pet. It's really boring, takes much too long and the end result is never what you want. But I'm trying anyway. So, let's take a look back....just about two years ago.

This was taken with my phone, so that explains the poor quality, but here is my hair at it's shortest. Isn't it adorable? I think so. I would curl the sideburns sometimes, giving myself a very 20's style. Miss it!

Here it is at about the same length (this was taken at the end of 2007) But it was flipped out, instead of smoothed. Again, miss this length. So fun.

Now here is mid 2008. My first months in the growing out process. Still cute, the layers gave my hair some good body. (however my bangs usually looked better than they do in this pic)

Here is early 2009, it's almost to a shoulder length....but not quite. Not as cute as the shorter styles I'm afraid.....but again, I'm determined.

Now here is a picture from two months ago. I was actually having a great hair day on this day, so know that my hair does not often look that good. (Usually I pull it back in a bun anyway)

And if you look to the previous blog post you will see even more recent pictures. The point is, I'm meant for short hair. Everyone agrees. But yet, I am stubborn and refuse to cut it. At the same time, all I want to do is chop it off! I'm hoping to last until next summer before I cut it all off. That way I can grow about 4 more inches. I've never had my hair that long in my life. Who knows, maybe when it gets to a certain length it'll be way hot. Doubtful, but we'll see.

Well, now that I've wasted about ten minutes of your time. Time in which you could have been doing something infinitely more exciting. But thanks anyway for reading! Peace!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July In Pictures

July 4th- Stadium of Fire

Missy is way excited for the JONAS BROTHERS!!!

Leslee and I spent many days in the car, driving lots of places. Mainly SLC.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Here is poor Moroni who was struck by lightning and now has a black arm and trumpet.

What a beautiful temple!

Who doesn't love stopping at Sears on their day off?

On the 17th (aka-the best day of my whole life) we went to the George Strait concert at the Usana Amphitheatre. It kicked A! Except for this part. See this long line we had to stand in? Yeah, 104 degrees outside baby. I think I lost twenty pounds in sweat. Gross.

See, we are not happy. But don't fret. It was totally worth it.
Now we're inside the amphitheatre! It may not look like it, but we did have pretty good seats. Though being surrounded by drunk people was a little strange...........

Here is the whole group! And a few drunk people behind us. :)
AHHHH!!! It's Gorgeous George!!! Isn't he the best?

This me being all giddy about the fact I was watching the love of my life singing on stage. :)

Now we're on to the next day when we had a BBQ for my Grandpa's B-day! This is me making cupcakes. Just call me Betty.

This is Leslee eating my cupcake batter. Smart girl.

So, for five days we watched my cousin's 10 month old baby girl. Her name is Athena and my family fell head over heels for this little cutie. She was the best baby I've ever encountered. She hardly ever cried, slept whenever she was tired, loved to clap her hands and drool and go for walks in her stroller. She ate her food like a good little baby (even the gross macaroni and beef with chicken crap). Long story short. I love her. I miss her.

My visiting teachers said she looked like she could be mine (a comment of which filled me with complete bliss because I wish it was true!) But I don't see a resemblance really. She's much too cute to look anything like me.

This is the day we went to the Zoo and a baseball game. Unfortunately, we couldn't take the camera into the baseball stadium, though I think I would have just taken pictures of the players looking attractive in their uniforms. :) I'm not going to post any animal pictures either. They're kinda boring. But here is cute little Thena in her stroller. Les likes this picture, she kinda has shifty eyes goin on.

Here is me pushing the stroller at the Zoo.

So instead of animals, how about I show you pictures of Les and I acting like retards at the Zoo playground! I'm in a turtle shell, which I may say was very difficult to get into due to the fact I was in a skirt. Les is in an egg though she kept saying "I'm in a womb."

Good news! We have a new washer and dryer! Aren't they pretty? I don't know how to work them yet, but they're Bosch. And I hear that's pretty good.

Now this is a picture of our new central air system! Yeah baby! Woohoo! No more swamp cooler for us. We're moving up in the world. Dang, new washer and dryer, new air conditioning system, a basement all to myself. Psh! And people think it's uncool that I live with my parents. I'm livin the dream!

These are my favorite. :) This is my "photo shoot" with Athena. Thanks to Les for helping with the entertaining.

So that's all the pictures I'll post. It was a good month. Thanks for stopping by! Peace.