Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July In Pictures

July 4th- Stadium of Fire

Missy is way excited for the JONAS BROTHERS!!!

Leslee and I spent many days in the car, driving lots of places. Mainly SLC.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. Here is poor Moroni who was struck by lightning and now has a black arm and trumpet.

What a beautiful temple!

Who doesn't love stopping at Sears on their day off?

On the 17th (aka-the best day of my whole life) we went to the George Strait concert at the Usana Amphitheatre. It kicked A! Except for this part. See this long line we had to stand in? Yeah, 104 degrees outside baby. I think I lost twenty pounds in sweat. Gross.

See, we are not happy. But don't fret. It was totally worth it.
Now we're inside the amphitheatre! It may not look like it, but we did have pretty good seats. Though being surrounded by drunk people was a little strange...........

Here is the whole group! And a few drunk people behind us. :)
AHHHH!!! It's Gorgeous George!!! Isn't he the best?

This me being all giddy about the fact I was watching the love of my life singing on stage. :)

Now we're on to the next day when we had a BBQ for my Grandpa's B-day! This is me making cupcakes. Just call me Betty.

This is Leslee eating my cupcake batter. Smart girl.

So, for five days we watched my cousin's 10 month old baby girl. Her name is Athena and my family fell head over heels for this little cutie. She was the best baby I've ever encountered. She hardly ever cried, slept whenever she was tired, loved to clap her hands and drool and go for walks in her stroller. She ate her food like a good little baby (even the gross macaroni and beef with chicken crap). Long story short. I love her. I miss her.

My visiting teachers said she looked like she could be mine (a comment of which filled me with complete bliss because I wish it was true!) But I don't see a resemblance really. She's much too cute to look anything like me.

This is the day we went to the Zoo and a baseball game. Unfortunately, we couldn't take the camera into the baseball stadium, though I think I would have just taken pictures of the players looking attractive in their uniforms. :) I'm not going to post any animal pictures either. They're kinda boring. But here is cute little Thena in her stroller. Les likes this picture, she kinda has shifty eyes goin on.

Here is me pushing the stroller at the Zoo.

So instead of animals, how about I show you pictures of Les and I acting like retards at the Zoo playground! I'm in a turtle shell, which I may say was very difficult to get into due to the fact I was in a skirt. Les is in an egg though she kept saying "I'm in a womb."

Good news! We have a new washer and dryer! Aren't they pretty? I don't know how to work them yet, but they're Bosch. And I hear that's pretty good.

Now this is a picture of our new central air system! Yeah baby! Woohoo! No more swamp cooler for us. We're moving up in the world. Dang, new washer and dryer, new air conditioning system, a basement all to myself. Psh! And people think it's uncool that I live with my parents. I'm livin the dream!

These are my favorite. :) This is my "photo shoot" with Athena. Thanks to Les for helping with the entertaining.

So that's all the pictures I'll post. It was a good month. Thanks for stopping by! Peace.


traci said...

Um...I miss you! I think that baby totally looks like you. If you look at your baby pictures, or even toddler pictures, I think you will see a resemblance. It looks like you've been having fun! My summer is wasting away - lets play!

Robbie, Mig, and Baby J said...

I'm in love with you. I didn't know you liked babies so much....Dude, are you aware that I have TWO???? You can come take them away anytime you long as you bring them back tired. :)

Lorene said...

Fun month! I hope you'll still love our baby even if he's not as well-behaved as Athena. :) And I'm really jealous about the washer and dryer. And central air. Can I move in with you guys?

Chubbylove said...

I love the the fact that I have captured the drunk girl that fell in love with Megan for all time in that picture. And She obviously was having a struggle :) We did have an awesome month. Now on to August! Which means just one month closer to Little Jimmy! Lou, please come live with us. Who needs Mark?! :) He can stay and work in Logan ;)

Aaron and Kaime said...

You and your sis are cute!