Thursday, April 1, 2010

Concert Review: Michael Buble' Crazy Love Tour

Last night was phenomenal. That's all I can say. Simple amazing in every single respect. Bubbles' opening act was an acapella group called, Naturally 7. They're insane. Look them up on youtube. All the instrumental sounds are made by their voices. One of the guys can make his voice sound like an electric guitar in an crazy way. They were great and very entertaining.
Then came the moment of truth. The white curtains were closed, but the band began to play. They started out with the first song on his new CD, "Cry Me a River." As the they played, the lights started to flash and you could see the silhouette's of the band members. And then........his voice came.......and for a moment I went into cardiac arrest. Now, I went to his concert last time he came to Utah, but it didn't stop the fact that I was there last night from being completely surreal. The curtains opened and there he was in all his hotness and glory. After he sang another song, he stopped and started talking to the audience. What I love about him is he is SO personable. He really connects with you and chats with you, in a really non-scripted way. He makes jokes, tells you about his life..etc. And his voice is just FLAWLESS. He is genuinely talented, unlike so many of our current music "artists."
He did a few new songs, one song he heard in Sweden or something, and he also did a really hilarious Michael Jackson impression and sang a few notes of "Billie Jean." He did the whole running into the audience thing. The way he did it was not as cool as the last tour....but I was still jealous of all those people who were able to feel the sweat dripping off of him. *Sigh....*
My one complaint was that he didn't sing my song. There is a bonus track on his new CD which is "Some King of Wonderful." It's my favorite song. Ever. But I let it slide, only because I adore him so much. He ended the concert with the same song as last year, because it's just so appropriate. He closed with "Song for You."
And then he was gone, and he took my soul with him. That's OK, he can have it. It'll give me something to say when I meet him. (Which I totally will....someday.) "Oh hey, Mr. Buble', Can I have my soul back please.....or an exchange would be fine. Keep the soul, I'll take you instead."

Yep. That'll be one great day. Until then, I'll just have to make due with what I've been given, and that is one hell-of-a night that I'll never forget. :)



Chubbylove said...

Start practicing the speech now my friend....the way I see it you'll be a puddle on the floor and I'll wonder what is going on since you know I tend to miss the fact that a star is in front of me. I can hear you- a whisper of course- mumbling ".......HI........Michael......" at which point he will look down on you in pity- and I'm sorry to say- just a little repulsively- since you are a puddle on the floor and he'll walk away. This is of course after I stare in confusion. It will be the perfect day ;)I look forward to it.
Seriously though- PERFECTION. Fun times. Can't wait for Monday!! Muse baby!!

Chubbylove said...

And I'm sorry I forgot the one obvious thing I had to say------OH MY GOSH is that poster HOT or what?!