Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yeah, that was a scream of excitement, don't you even fret.

So, remember how my last post was all whiney and 'woes me'. I'm over that.

Now I want to tell you why I'm excited about LIFE!!!

1- Um, I'm going to a Michael Buble concert in 3 days. Holy crap. Last tour was amazing, I've never seen such an entertaining performer. His voice is flawless live, he's hilarious, and did I mention he's stunningly attractive??

2-OK, so most of you know I'm a nerd. THIS weekend is.......(dun dun dun dun) Clash of the Titans. I truly believe that as of this moment, the trailer for this movie is the BEST ever made. I know the movie is going to suck, but MAN, they know how to make a killer trailer. I'm a sucker for kick-A trailer music and this my friends, is kick-A trailer music. Here's a know...if you want to make your lives explode with awesomeness for approximately two minutes and nineteen seconds.

3-Oh, what's on Monday?? Muse???? I think.....YeS! I've never been to an alternative concert before. I was just told today that I should invest in some ear plugs. I'm a little tempted to dress up completely goth. I could pull it off. Fo sho. I've got the moodiness going, ya know?

All this is happening THIS week! And I need to fit in job hunting, resume creating, homework doing.....etc. etc.

*Please keep your seat belts fastened and your arms and legs inside at all times, until the ride has come to a complete stop.*

'Nuff said. Peace!


Andrea said...

I'm so jealous you get to go to the Buble concert! I tried to get tickets but they were nose bleed tix and I didn't want to pay $200 for those. Where is he playing in Utah??

Pharmd Biker said...

so i have decided to get a raise for you if you stay. do not think that i will make it here once you leave.