Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Food Coloring and Pineapple

Hello! Here just a little something that I've been wanting to do for a while. Food coloring is kind of cool, aye?

I also wanted to share a little sneak peak of what's to come. You've probably noticed that 90% of the pictures I post on this blog are of my little nephew. Well, now you'll get even MORE cuteness! I was blessed with a niece this past week, she's the cutest little Pineapple around. Here is a little snipit from her newborn photoshoot (she better get used to the camera in her face...) only 4 days old!

I'm the luckiest Aunt in the whole world. :)


Lorene (just Lu) said...

Oh, gorgeous picture! She must have good genes :) I'm excited to see the rest! Mark and I will come over some time...

And the food coloring pictures are AWESOME. Do you think it would work to put in drops of two different colors and watch them mix? Because that could be fun. Or really ugly brown. :)

Leslee said...

Lu, I said the exact same thing about the food coloring!! I would seriously pay for the green and black one. I think they are amazing. As for the cute niece......AHHHHH! Love. She's too adorable. Lucky aunts ;)