Tuesday, September 27, 2011

True Love

Well, after the end of my very-first-ever-romantic relationship......(long story...) It made me think about true love. :) I kept thinking to myself, "Will I ever find it????" (Really though, I cheesed that up....I don't really think that way..) But then I realized I get to witness it all the time and no matter what, that's good enough for me. So here it is. TRUE love:

:-] Peace!


Leslee said...

CUTE!!! Love you Dug (imagine that in my sugary sweet sappy voice ;) )

Nick and Keira said...

It IS true love and it's soooo cute! :)

Hey, I convinced my in-laws to use you again for photography! They're wanting to do family pictures and then individual families during Thanksgiving. Want some extra cash? :)

Dusty said...

Um, YES! I need extra cash so bad. I'
d love to do it.

Lorene (just Lu) said...

Okay, so, somehow I never saw this post! Super cute! That is one of my favorite pictures EVER :)