Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yep, Yep. Published......AGAIN!

This time, however, my photographs are being published. Not my prose. Which one is better? I just can't decide. :) Anyway, I submitted 4 photos to be published in the Touchstones publication at UVU. To my delight, I was informed last night that 2 of my photos have been chosen!!! The launch party is November 30 and I can display something if I want. I haven't decided if it's be worth the expense.....but anyway. EXCITING, no? Here are the 2 pics chosen.

Canoes at Legacy Lake

Golden Gate Bridge.

Yeah!! I'm so happy. My goal was to do something awesome, at it was achieved! Peace!


Ty said...

Congratulations, I really like the canoe picture.

Ty said...
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Lu said...

Congratulations! You are one talented girl... twice published! Way to go.

You have enough time that if you order now, you can probably get in on one of these ArtsCow deals. They ship from China so it takes a while, but they should probably make it in time:

1 stretched canvas, $15
3 unstretched canvases, $20

Both of those have shipping included, or you can get a free 8x10 stretched canvas (you pay shipping) from Canvas People. And you can upgrade size and just pay the difference.

Nick and Keira said...

Woo hoo!! Go Dusty!

I think the canoe picture is more visually interesting, plus a little more unknown/not as popular as the golden gate. But that's just me!

Traci said...

Yeah, yeah!!