Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dear Wednesday,

I can't believe I finally get a day off. A genu-ine day off! What should I do with myself? Here are my options:

1. Sleep until I can't sleep anymore, hang with the dogs, don't shower, eat lots, do homework, edit pictures.

2. Sleep in for a bit....but not TOO long, shower, go shopping, come back and hang with the dogs, do homework, edit pictures.

3. Get up as early as humanly possible (for me that is), shower, get a massage (!!!), come back, hang with the dogs, do homework, edit pictures.

4. Get up, don't shower, deep clean my room and other areas of the house, do homework, edit pictures.

5. Drop everything and just do homework. (This is the option I SHOULD choose!)

6. Drop homework, sleep, pictures, dogs and everything else, fill my car up with gas, head east and see how far I can go.

7. (This one's the biggie) Get up early, shower, go shopping, get a massage, deep clean the house, eat lots, do homework, edit pictures, watch Modern Family.

Well, what do you think is my best option? I better not stick with one, because then that would be a goal that I had made and then I'd fail in achieving that goal. So it's best you and I just play it by ear, Wednesday. We'll see where the wind blows us.

Peace! -Love, Dug