Thursday, December 30, 2010

We Meet Again, New Years...

Well, here we are, on the eve of the eve of New Years Day. Two Thousand and freaking Eleven. What the heck? Where did the past 24 3/4 years of my life go? In two months I'm going to be 25. I feel like making a shirt with a quarter on it and wearing it everyday until I'm 26. (HINT HINT, Lorene! You and that nifty Silhouette of yours can whip something like that out....) Oh my gosh, just typing the words "until I'm 26" made me want to throw up a little. *Just breathe, Dug. Just breathe.*

Anyway, enough about my old age and withering body. Thinking back on the past year, I can't decide whether or not I can call it a success. I'm trying to remember what my goals were last New Year. I'm pretty sure, whether or not I said them out loud, that I made the following goals:
-Find a boyfriend, or at the least, start freaking dating.
-Move out of your parents house.
-Find a job that doesn't make you want to cry all the time.

Out of these 4 pretty simple goals, I have achieved none of them. So, you'd think that would mean that this year was one big FAIL, but alas, there's always a positive side to the story. This should be a fun list to make. :)

Awesome Events of 2010 in the Life of Dusty Nance:

-Any day or time spent with Baby Paul

- Winter Olympics!!

- 3 month summer of unemployment (Best 3 months of my life.)

- California road trip with Vanae and Emily

-Discovery of BBQ Pringles. (Thanks to said road trip with Vanae and Emily.)

- First temple wedding shoot and bridals

- Galveston Vacay 2010!!

- This blog post

- Pictures published in Touchstones

- Concerts! Michael Buble, Muse, Collin Raye

- Girls Camp :D :D :D

-Purchase of Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II lens

-Burn Notice Season 4

- Movies: Toy Story 3, Inception

- Reading: The Lost Hero, The Red Pyramid, Flipped, Princess Academy

- New music: Josh Groban, Two Steps From Hell, Hans Zimmer scores

- Painting

- Paper Quilling!

- Finding out my children will have lazy eyes

- Humanities 1010

- Finishing math......forever!

- Pictures, Pictures, Pictures,and more pictures.

- Nine inches of hair- GONE!!! Back to my old self. :)

Here's hoping that in 2011 I'll not only fulfill some of my "goals" but also have as many, or even more good times than 2010. :)

Happy New Year, everyone. Love you! And as always, Peace!


Lu said...

You bring me the shirt and consider it DONE!

Emily said... have an awesome life:) Spontaneous road trip to Cali...definitely a highlight!!!