Sunday, February 28, 2010

Natalie and Logan's Engagements

OK, so today I had the privilege of helping out my cousin, Natalie, by taking a few engagement pics along with her sister. I guess the photographer they hired didn't take any pictures they thought they could use for their invitations. Trisha, my cuz, called me and asked if I could help out. Of course I was more than happy. Any opportunity to take pictures is a happy day for me. Especially when I was able to discover some GREAT locations. I got some fantastic pictures coming away from the shoot. I'm pretty impressed with myself. But I guess it doesn't take that much talent when you have a really good looking couple and really good looking locations. :) I couldn't post all 100+ pictures that I took, so I choose 10 to show you. It was tough, but these are a few of the best from the day.

This last one is so cute. I can't even stand it. ;)


Andrea said...

Good job Dusty! Way to be an awesome person!!!

Lu said...

These are great! The one of them both in black (before the tutu one) is stunning!

Vanae said...

These are really good. I especially like the tutu one. Such a funny idea.