Sunday, February 7, 2010

24 Points on My 24th Birthday

  • I'm 24, single, and living in Utah County. Gross.
  • What's up with those word verification things? The last one I had to type in was hysterho. I'm am curious if this is short for, hysterical ho. Because if it is, I have a new found respect for the people that come up with this stuff.
  • The Saints won the Superbowl because it was my birthday. It's a fact.
  • My calling rocks, and I love the people I get the privilege of working with in the young women leadership. And the girls rock too. :)
  • This British Lit class is kicking my butt. I've never been in a room full of such intimidating people. I have yet to say a word in class......I doubt the teacher could even tell you who I was.
  • The dust covering my dresser and nightstand is about a half inch thick. Good thing I brought down the pledge.
  • Speaking of pledge, did I ever tell you about the guy that asked me if I had a best friend named Pledge after I had introduced myself? Props to it being the most original mocking of my name I've heard.
  • I am ashamed to say that I love mainstream music. I do. I know it's lame, but I do. Right now I'm obsessed with an Adam Lambert song. I can't even believe I'm admitting that to the world, but darn! That boy can sing.
  • Burn Notice is rocking my socks. JD is one good lookin' man.
  • I love when TV shows (or even a book series) end just the way you want them too. It's so.....I don't even know what word to use. But it just takes some weight off your shoulders, if only for a little while. It's nice. :)
  • Thinking of 24 different things to say is really hard, so I'm using that point as one of my 24 points.
  • Everything about me is a contradiction. It's ridiculous. The next points will list these contradictions.
  • I hate being single, but I don't want to date, or even be social.
  • Listen to my ipod on shuffle. It's crazy. One minute, you'll be listening How Great Thou Art or something churchy, the next a Gothic metal song will blow your ears off.
  • I disdain all forms of hunting. Yet, I eat meat. Only beef, chicken, and pork. But still, meat is meat.
  • I complain about not being fit, yet I don't conjure up the will power to do anything about it.
  • I hate my job (to all co-workers who read this, please note that I said JOB, I love all of you guys!) But I refuse to go job hunting.
  • I say that I hate Vegas, but I want to go there ALL the time. I've gone like three times in one year. And I'm going next month!
  • Eh, that's enough contradictions. You get the point.
  • This is only point number 20......too bad I'm not turning 20, I'd be done!
  • I have really awesome friends. I don't even get why they think I'm so cool. Maybe it's because I'm so hilarious. I guess we'll never know.
  • 24 years from now, I'll be 48. Maybe that's when I'll decide to tie the knot.
  • That's an interesting expression, "tie the knot". You can think of it in so many different ways. Tie the knot of love that will bind you together forever! Gag. Or, tie the knot of the noose that is about to go around your neck! Yes, that's the one right there. ;)
  • I'm totally kidding. I love the idea of being married. I just don't like the road that takes me there. You know, all the crap that comes with finding a guy.
Ha! Done. Peace!


Lu said...

Glad you're only turning 24 because I'm not sure I could take any more points... :) Just kidding, I admire your randomness. And happy birthday! Since I'm a slacker and didn't tell you yesterday.

Also, I agree with you about the word verifications. I think they're subliminal messages. Not sure what the powers that be are trying to subliminally get everyone to do or think, but you get my drift.

Chubbylove said...

HA!! All of those are so true. At least you're honest ;) And thank you for dusting! When I set that paper on your dresser yesterday I almost died!! So congrats. Mom would be proud.....if she's ever coherent enough to notice ;) LOVE YOU MOM. And thanks for the shout out to the fam. I think we're pretty cool......oh wait, there was no shout out to the fam! Not even your nephew, which obviously means I am the favorite Aunt. Thanks for cheering me up while at work.....and yes, I'm working. I'm just on hold ;) Chow

Ty said...

Just a few comments to your comments:

Hyster is a uterus, a ho is a...:-/

I'm sad you don't like your job. I've found that the number one indicator of job satisfaction is the people you work with, so it could be worse. If it means anything, I think you're super good at doing it, and I like having you there.

The best thing about being married really is not having to date anymore. Being single sucked, (though I do miss the chase at times). I always hated having something I wanted to do and then having to find someone to do it with. Of course, now that we have a kid we can't do anything anyway.

I think you could get married whenever you wanted to, but you'll know when the time is right for you.

As an aside, surely that isn't Leslee responding above me? Why Chubbylove?

Miranda and her family said...

Doug, I just wanted to tell you that dating the guy you are going to marry isn't sucky. It's the coolest time of your life in fact. So don't be afraid.....although dating all the guys up until you meet your future husband is sucky. So you got me there.

p.s. You're fabulous and I love to read your blog :)