Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quilling for Christmas

Well, since I've become a quilling master, what else would I do for people's Christmas gifts? So, here are the things I quilled in the past 3 weeks. My fingers are ready to give up the least for now. :)

This was for my friend Robi. I discovered a cute flower design and that brought me to my next idea......

I'm really proud of this one, made for my friend Ashley. It's a simple, yet really cute design. Love it.

This one was crazy hard. I got the idea from the AMAZING Yulia Brodskaya here at her web page. Obviously mine is not as intricate as hers, but I like the way mine turned out! Especially as it's my first attempt. And Vanae liked it, that's all that matters. :)

This one I made for my bestie, Traci. She's having a baby really soon and I thought this could be something she could hang in her baby's room. She even had a spot for it when I dropped it by! :) I thought this one turned out nice with the printed paper as a background.

Anywhooo. I still have a bunch of things I must quill upon request of some friends and family, so you'll be seeing more in the future! Peace, for now. :D


Ann Martin said...

I like all of them!

Nick and Keira said...

You are a MASTER. I bow at your feet--please do one for me!! You did an AH-mazing job on the "friends" one!!! :) You are too cool.

Traci said...

All of these look amazing!! I showed my Mom and sister and they loved it! Super awesome :)

P.S. Remember when you used to make fun of me for saying "super"?