Monday, April 27, 2009

Sour Patch Watermelons (Artificially Flavored of Course)

Well, the weekend was a great weekend. After two months of waiting the Rescue finally came! It was a blast. I drove with Nay, Bobby and Jeremy up to Trax and we mosied on up to the University of Utah. The Trax ride was interesting. An Oriental woman sat next to me and admired my cell phone. You'd think she'd never seen one! Which is ironic seeing as how it was her people that invented everything technological. (I did not mean 'her people' in a racist way.)

Anyway. Right when we arrived at the President's Circle, we started our march! It took forever, I think I heard someone say it was a three mile march. To me it seemed like twenty. Jeremy was kind enough to keep me company on our excursion and he can tell you that I may or may not have complained a lot. But I really was enjoying myself. I see complaining as a pastime. Like baseball. I told him that walking that three miles took care of all my exercising for the whole week. He told me that it did not. :( Whatever. Unless you have a degree in physical fitness Jeremy, I'm sticking to my theories.

We finally made it the Gallivan Center and set up camp. My little group and I had not eaten all day so we high tailed it over to a Carl's Jr. just on the corner. I ordered a Bacon Cheese six dollar burger. It was huge, and delicious! I'm usually not one for eating beef. But man that was one good tastin cow.

Speeches and cold rain filled our Saturday evening. Thankfully I had Nay to keep me warm. Thanks for snuggling with me Nay!!! Senator Bennet came and "rescued" us. I didn't hear his speech sadly. I wanted a hot chocolate (please see earlier comment about it being very cold.) But by the time we made it back, Senator Bennet was leaving.

So then the people began to dispurse. We left around nine-ish, took Trax back to my car then drove home. I may or may not have completely run a stop light on said trip home. Good thing there were no cars coming the other way!!! So anyway. It was a great turn out and I'm so happy I was involved with something great.

Now it's Monday and I'm sitting here eating Sour Patch Watermelons. They make my tongue feel weird. Does that stop me from eating them? No. But the good news is, is that I signed up for an Aerobics class next semester! Hotness here I come. I am going to be looking SO good. ;) That or I may die of a stroke during the first ten minutes of class. We'll just have to wait and see.

I have one more final left on Wednesday. It's biology which means I will fail, but I've come to terms with this fact and have moved on. Still no word on the score for my bird paper..........

Anywhoo. I'm off to bed, or maybe to clean my fish tank. So for now, Peace!


Chubbylove said...

You never told me you ran a red light! I heard all about you leaving the car lights on.... oh wait, was that a secret? :) Glad you survived. You are not a cold weather person! :) Enjoy the watermelons- if you eat them all you have to buy me another bag! :) See ya in the car