Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I. Am. Awesome.

My goal this summer? To get hot. That's right. GET HOT. I've been doing lunges lately. Ask Les, I'll just randomly start lunging around. To get food from my kitchen? Lunge! To go to the bathroom? Lunge! There isn't anything you can't do while lunging. Well, except for maybe lots of things. But the point? I'm toning up baby! It'd help to cut the Dr. Pepper from my diet, but no body's perfect.

Tremors is on right now. Is there anything better than a young Kevin Bacon fighting giant worms? I think not. I just want to run my fingers through that amazing hair of his..........I mean......ignore that.

So, how's everyone doin? Today was a good day for me. I received two letters in the mail and as everyone knows, getting something in the mail is better than Christmas to me. I love it! Anyway, I got a letter from my good friend Geraldo who lives in Brazil. I met him when I worked at Allens. He was a customer who couldn't speak ANY English and I can't speak any Portuguese, yet we made it work somehow. He became a good friend and we keep in contact. He's such a nice guy. He's hoping to come back to the US in March of 2010. Yeah!
I also got a letter from Senator Orin Hatch. That's way neat right? For the Invisible Children Rescue event we need someone 'high up' to come rescue us so I've been sending a bunch of emails to people. How cool is it that he sent a letter to me? I mean, I'm sure he sent one to everyone and by he, I mean his secretary, but it's nice that they took the time to respond. Unfortunately he can't come to the event. Oh well. :)

Another cool thing about today is that it was the Warp and Weave launch party! I got my copy of the book featuring a kick A story written by yours truly.
Isn't it a beautiful cover??? I was so happy about that fact.

Look! There is my name in the Table of Contents! How cool is that???

Look! Here is my name again underneath the title of a cool story!!

And here is me holding the book in question. With my gross fish tank in the background. And my fat fish who is way fat and should have died months ago and yet he lives.

So anyway, here's the story about the launch party. They wanted me to read part of my story in front of everyone. They called me this morning about it and for some horrid reason I said yes. What's up with that? So I get there and I'm super nervous. Leslee (she's the best!) came with me for moral support. I have this big problem with speaking in front of people. I almost pass out and my voice becomes really monotone. I think I did OK though. Les said I got better as time went on. There was this nice guy who introduced himself to me afterwards. Les said it's probably because he thought I was way hot.

On that note, after we left Leslee said it was so funny to walk into room and see it full of completely stereotypical sci fi nerds and then me. I guess I should take that as a compliment?? :)

So anyway, after I finish reading my story I sit down at my table. I happen to be on the same table as the head of the Warp and Weave department. He suddenly asks to see my book so I pass it to him. He's flipping through the pages and suddenly starts writing with his pen on a page. I looked at Leslee and was mouthed: Is he writing in my book!!! He passed it back and whispered: "we missed one."

I look down at the page, which happened to be a page of MY story and he's circled the word 'peaked' and drawn a line to the margin and written the correct spelling "piqued". And that's not even the worst! He had chocolate on his fingers and there was a brown smudge above the word he circled!!! Oh my hell I was so pissed off! I'm still mad about it. I almost threw my book at his face.

It's not the fact that the word needed correcting. I don't care, but it was my book! And he wrote in it! And smudged chocolate in it!! And then just passed it back to me like that was OK????? What the heck?????

So now that my rant is over, I'm going to go work on some Biology. Last minute stuff. When I know the score I got on that bird paper I'll let you know! ;)