Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First and Foremost

-Here's a shout out to Bryan! "Hey B-man! S'goin on?"

Here are some pics of Barkley and Sisco that I took today. Also, I discovered my 401K from Allens still has three hundred bucks in it! Retirement here I come!!!!

This picture pretty sums up Barkley's whole existence. Looking over his shoulder in fear of my wrath! Mwahahaha!

I couldn't get any good pictures of the wee one. She's def which means I can't get her to look at the camera. Oh well. As always, Peace!


Chubbylove said...

Is it any wonder my username is in honor of Chubbylove?! She's too damn cute for words! And Bark, he's priceless. I know you secretly love them in your own little way. At least they let you take pictures of them unlike the monster. And what's with the shout out to Bryan? Have I been replaced as the coolest person ever? Also, I need some copies of those pics :)