Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Concerning Birds

I have a biology paper to write. It's about birds. I was suppose to go bird watching as I proposed in the beginning of the semester. But, I failed to remember that when I proposed such a thing, it was winter. Cold cold winter. Who wants to freeze there butts off watching birds? Oh wait, there are no birds. They do that whole "flying south" thing. So here I am, thinking of what in the world I'm going to do! My paper is do tomorrow. Planet Earth anyone?
I like to take notes before I write a paper. That way when I get lost in my mind's meanderings, I can look back and remember what it is I'm talking about. So about thirty minutes ago I opened up a word document and typed in the heading: Notes of Birds. Thirty minutes later all there is on the page is one bullet point. With no point made at all.
What really is there to say about birds? There's a lot of them. They all eat and poop on cars. Some really big ones eat mice, which I have to say angers me. I have a soft spot for mice (which is why my future home will most likely be disease ridden).

**Leslee just sent me a picture message via cellular phone. She crimped her hair for some eighties themed pics Miska is taking for her class. Pretty snazzy Les! Keep it up!**

Back to birds. What the heck are they all about? What have they done for us lately? You know, I'm likin this post...maybe I'll use it as my paper. You know, the one about birds.

It's been quite some time since I've written here on this 'ole blog. Not much has changed in life other than two or three extremely important details. Like the biggest is well, my hair is longer. I'm changing it up tomorrow though. Maybe somethin somethin a little risky, maybe somethin somethin a little crazy. Who knows. All that matters is I have great hair and it seems to turn out nice no matter what I do. Is that conceited? Hmmm.

Did you know that there are over 10,000 different species of bird in the world today? Talk about some procreation with a bit of Natural Selection going on there! Huh huh? *wink wink*

Other important changes: I lied about the hair being most important. The truth of the matter is: I'm going to be an Aunt. I've never been so happy! I'm probably going to be the greatest aunt ever. Aunt Dug. Hmmm....no? Auntie Dug? Oh yes. Mark and I already decided. I'm Aunt Awesomeness. Yes, that will do.

Another great thing that happened is I am going to be a author. An honest to goodness published author. Isn't that neat? I wonder what the people were on when they chose my story. Crack perhaps?? Only time will tell. That's not true. Time will only mask the truth. Damn you time!!! Damn you!!!!

Well, now the Wee One (aka Shadow [the dog who is small and has no teeth.]) has now come into my room begging for food. Trust me, she won't leave me alone until I feed her.

I guess this will be goodbye for now. Please feel free to leave comments if they deal with anything bird related. Thanks!!!!


Bown Bunch said...

holy cow dusty. hope you did ok on the paper. I want to see that pic of les, will you tell her hi for me also.

hepworth said...

thanks for the laugh Doug. looking forward to get my autographed copy of your published paper.


Vanae said...

Your last post was almost as long ago as my last post. Which is why I find it funny that we both wrote when we had papers due that were far more important to be writing. But I didn't finish mine until my paper was done... and mine isn't as cool. But I do like you. And I hate birds.
That video is the reason why. Sure you, THINK they're cute. You THINK you've proposed a nice little project to "watch" them. But in reality, they're watching you. And you know what happens when they watch you, Doug... don't you?
Well, according to this movie, the answer is eat your eyeballs out and stuff. So.... the point? Well, the point is obviously that you can't bird-watch without eyeballs. GEEZ!