Saturday, July 31, 2010

Project: Modest-fy a Dress

So I usually don't post crafty things, but I was kinda proud of how cute this dress turned out, so I'd thought I'd share.
When I went on my awesome vaca to California with Em and Nay, we stopped in Santa Monica for some shopping. We went into a second hand store and I found this dress. It was only $12 and it looked fantastic on me, so I bought it. But as you can tell it was a little short. If my legs were nice and thin and toned and tan, I could get away with something this short. But even so, it IS a considered a little immodest by LDS standards. Also, you can see it has no sleeves, another "no-no."

So I went down to Walmart and bought some eyelet lace. (Three inches wide or so, I think.) And sewed it to the lining of the dress, like so:

(Please ignore the terrible stitching job. I didn't worry about it because you can't see it anyway. :)

I also went down to the mall to find a cheap, white shrug. I found one, bought it, and here is the finished product.

It would also look really cute with a white shirt underneath, but for some reason beyond every one in my house, our washer discolors all of our whites. We've tried everything from Oxyclean to bleach, so we're thinking something has gotta be wrong with the washer. Anyway, in short, I don't have a nice white shirt to match the whiteness of the lace, so I'm gonna have to stick with the shrug for now. :)

Stay tuned for a lengthy post on my adventures at girls camp! :) Peace.


Vanae said...

Cute, Cute! You're adorable, and I love you. that is all!

Lu said...

Way cute! I am proud of your modest-fying adventures.

Life Is Beautiful said...

Girl this turned out adorable! I love it!