Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Review: Flipped

Flipped written by Wendelin Van Draanen is a book for many ages. It's technically in the category of ages 10-14 ish, but since I am now well past that age (at least in appearance) I can attest to the fact that people from any age group will enjoy this book.

When Bryce Loski moves into the neighborhood in the 2nd grade, Julianne Baker falls head over heels. Not being a shy person, she does everything she can to be around him, much to Bryce's dismay. Bryce isn't so sure about Juli. She's nosy, annoying, and just plain won't leave him alone.
Things go this way until the eighth grade when suddenly things get a little flipped. After a few events that I won't spoil, suddenly it's Bryce whose thinking Juli is pretty neat, and Juli is starting to realize that Bryce's blue eye's may be the only thing worth liking about him.

This book is amazing. I read it in just a few hours and I was sucked into Juli and Bryce's world. While I very much like Bryce's character, and really feel for him during some of his crisis moments, but Juli is the shining star here. She's a tough one, will a true sense of who she is and firm in what she believes. I can relate to each of them, and many of the other characters in the book. I for sure got misty eyed more than twice and laughed at least a dozen times.

Total score for this book is 9 out of 10. The only reason I dock a point is because, while the ending is wonderful and most will find it satisfying, I was hoping for just a little bit more of "set in stone" ending.



Andrea said...

you've convinced me Dusty, I'm totally going to read it!

Life Is Beautiful said...

I didn't read the book...but i did see the movie! And it was fabulous! def one of my favorites!! But I agree about the ending...I wanted more :)