Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Sad Sad Life of A Bug

So today I was in my laundry room and behind a basket of clothes I find this dead bug. I started thinking about this poor carcass and what it's, and other such insect's, ironic life entailed. So lets think about it. Let's tell the story of this bug.
Once upon a time there was a bug. He was meandering outside in the dark cold, looking for shelter and food. Suddenly what does he see but a warm, cozy house. He jumps with his many legs in the air yelling, "Now I am saved!!! I shall live! I will have warmth and shelter and an endless supply of dust mites and other such deliciousness to eat!!"
So our dear little bug looks and looks for a way to get into the house. After hours of hard searching, he finds a small crack somewhere and mossies on inside. Looking around he is overwhelmed by the greatness of the house. With it's spacious rooms, warm corners, and small cookie crumbs, it is everything he could dream of and more. During his amazing adventures in this new and exciting world he comes upon a strange landmark. There are walls of colorful and fluffy fabrics. He crouches in the dark, hiding from a giant specimen who takes off one of those fabric things from it's foot, and throws it on top of the giant pile. Intrigued, our little friend keeps his eye on this strange piece of fabric. The color of this fabric is slightly discolored. Suddenly a strange odor touches the smell receptors of the small bug. He sneezes. What a strange sensation this odor is causing in his head! The bug realizes that he cannot breathe! The perilous odor is trying to rip out his insides! Coughing and gasping for air, his legs collapse and he rolls on his back. He kicks his legs, struggling for life! And then, with a small twitch, he lets out his last breath. He is dead.

So my friends, the moral of this sad sad story is this. Be grateful for what God gave you! You can search for bigger and better things your whole life and sometimes when you think you've found one, turns out it's nothing but a dirty sock. :) So make the best of what you've got. Also, bugs are stupid.

Well, peace out for now!


Chubbylove said...

You paint a picture that evokes sympathy and maybe even sadness for the life of a bug. Let me paint my picture....
The poor, unsuspecting girl walks into the laundry room, innocently walking around barefoot, with faith that nothing will attack her. Until IT charges. She shrieks, grabs the bottle of Spray-N-Wash and dives. The bug (large, furry spider) keeps coming after multiple attempts to end its life. It's evil and is good at evading panicked shrieking girls brandishing a bottle. But alas, after a hard fought battle the girl is victorious, finding glee in the crushed and decapitated carcass before her. One less evil bug in the world to worry about.
And the moral of this story: always keep Spray-N-Wash around, you never know when you will really need it.

Mark said...

You two are awesome! I wish I could write stories like that..... Be prepared to hear about the story of the tumbleweed!