Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jack is Back!!!

Never fret my dear friends! Jack Bauer the fish was not dead! I guess he was just being held in an African prison camp. But he escaped and now he's back and better than ever! He's a bit smaller, and maybe slightly off color, but it's him!!! HOOORAY!
On a different note, I have recently discovered some great music!! I came upon the band We The Kings. They are great! They remind me a lot of Boys Like Girls, but I like We The Kings more. Their best song is Check Yes Juliet. You may have heard it on the radio. It's so catchy.
Also, this may suprise you, but I love gothic rock. I've found some new songs that I love. One is by the group Flyleaf, called All Around Me. It's a little more on the pop side, but way good. The other is from Nightwish. The song is Amaranth. The lyrics to that song are really cool. The melodic chords in the chorus are awesome.
The last song I want to mention is This is The Life by Amy McDonald. GREAT SONG!!! You just want to cruise down a dirt road while listening to it.
So if you have some time, check 'em out!
Thanks for reading! Peace out.


Chubbylove said...

I give Jack a week before Tony turns on him and its a one man massacre. Good luck with that. I'm shocked you didn't mention Within Temptation at all- they were the beginning of the Gothic Rock for us. Sadly I've got nothing else to add- so until next time :) I'm listening to a little Barry Manilow and am feeling nice and mellow. GO BARRY MANILOW!

traci miller said...

I am so glad Jack is back! The world does not exist with out Jack Bauer...um...dinner party at my house sounds splendid! I'll call you.

Robbie, Mig, and Baby J said...

Doug Pants! I love your trash!