Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stink Bugs

I know that I have already written a post about The Sad Life of A Bug a few years back, but I feel like I should revisit this topic.
My basement is being overrun with stink bugs. Now, please don't think that I live in filth. (Just because I let a spider live inside my window sill for 6 months.......) I really am a very clean person, and no matter what one does, bugs get in the house. It's a fact of life. But seriously, they're everywhere in my basement. "Why are there so many?" You ask. Well, here is the thing. I don't kill stink bugs. I just don't. There are certain insects that for some reason that is truly beyond me, I have sympathy (fondness may be a better word....) for. Stink bugs, crickets, and especially potato bugs. (Now, for some reason I call this bug a potato bug. Most people call them a roly poly. But through my wiki meanderings, I've discovered it's actually this bug that is nicknamed the potato bug.)
Anyway, so me not killing any of the stink bugs is causing an overpopulation in my home. I'm not disturbed by this. However, I am disturbed by my lack of being disturbed.
I bring the subject of stink bugs in my basement up because of two thoughts that I've had in my dealings with them.

1: A few days ago, I had a stink bug in my room. I walked in and saw him on my floor. As usual, I just ignored him. I mean, he's not a dangerous bug and he's not crawling ON me, why bother him? I did whatever I was in my room to do, glanced at him (we'll classify him as that for now) in the same spot he'd been the whole time and walked out. No kidding, less than five minutes later I walked in again to find him clear on the other side of my room. Now, I'm not so good as calculating distances and stuff, but if you think about the size of that bug, that was a pretty far way to go in a few minutes. It must have been like crossing the Sahara! (That's obviously an exaggeration, although my carpet is a sand color......) This made me feel lazy. A BUG made me feel lazy. That poor little guy, searching for food and walking all that way in less than 5 minutes! I need to get my butt in gear so that I can be in as good a shape as that stink bug!!

2: Yesterday there was another one in my bathroom. In the morning he was there when I took my shower. Again, I didn't bother him. A couple hours later, I walked in and saw him in the same spot. The first time I didn't wonder why he hadn't moved. But yet another time later he was still in the same spot. I decided to take a closer look. He was upside down!!! The poor little guy's legs flailing wildly in the air. Like the weirdo I am, I felt sorry for him and decided to flip him over, so he wouldn't die in such a terrible way. So I flipped him on his feet and I walked away. Yet another amount of time went by and I found him again, in the same spot, on his back AGAIN, his legs twitching in the air. Now I was annoyed. "Good heavens, bug." I thought to myself. "If you're that stupid, you deserve to die!" But, once again I flipped him over and moved him to a new location on the floor. Who knows, maybe that particular spot was slippery!

There are no morals to these stories. They're pretty pointless, but I thought I'd share them with you anyway, if nothing else but to help you see what a lunatic I am. Until next time! Peace. :)


traci said...

This may have been my favorite post you have ever done! This is so YOU.

Thanks for the Facebook message. (don't worry - I'm not counting this as my reply, I'll write you a real message soon).

The point of this comment is: I miss your face and we better hang out asap.

Chubbylove said...

HAHAHA! And I quote...."I really am a clean person....." HAHAHA!