Tuesday, May 25, 2010


In the colder months, I usually sleep with socks on, because my toes are always freezing. But I hate socks and so in the middle of the night, I usually wake up (or half wake up) and slide them off. Well, last night, I hopped into bed and realized I had no socks on. This was because I couldn't find any. They'd all disappeared. Then I remembered that I had MANY socks, they just happened to be at the foot of my bed, stuffed neatly between the sheets. So I reached down to get a pair to warm my toes and I pulled one sock out.....then another, which was not a match to the first, and then another, which was no match for either the first or second.....and yet another sock after that. So here I was pulling sock after sock from the bottom of my bed. Finally I put two mismatched socks on my feet and called it a night.
And they say the washing machine eats socks................


Andrea said...

hahahaha! i totally know what you mean :)

Vanae said...

I just want to tell you a story: When Cori was sleeping in my bed, she climbed in and said, "Why do you have a pile of socks in the corner?"
You see, I didn't want the socks to all get stuck in the sheets and lost, so I put them in a neat pile in the corner where I usually never reach when I sleep. But Cori was sleeping in that exact spot. Funny.