Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I need to state publicly...

That I have some really really amazing friends in my life. In ALL the past stages of life I look back on, it amazes me the luck and fortune I had in that department. From grade school to Jr. High to high school, from job to job, I have been blessed. And the luck just keeps on coming. I spent a great weekend in California with two awesome gals. Nay, who has been my friend since the third grade (minus a few years of estrangement....but we won't get into that.) and Emily who is one of my newest friends, having only hung out with her twice (yet she was so excepting of me, it was like we've been friends for much longer). We had such a good time chilling in the sun, shopping, and reading a few books together (Hunger Games, anyone?).
Other recent events have caused me to reflect on these wonderful people in my life. What's interesting, is it's mostly the contrast in certain events that's effecting me so much. There are a few people who (in my eyes) have shown their true colors and they are not pretty. These people are people who I have considered good friends, and it's really frustrating. So I get angry and I start to think that maybe everybody sucks deep down inside. But then, I come home from California and my mom tells me that Seagull Book is hiring (this story is going somewhere I promise.) So I go, and they tell me they aren't hiring, but they give me an application anyway. I text my mom, teasing her that she's a dirty liar. She writes back and tells me how she came to know of the job opening. Kyle, my old boss/good friend/awesome person, knows someone who is quitting there soon and when he saw my mom in Allens, (he's the baker there) he jumps at the chance to tell her I should apply there. My dad later tells me Kyle was excited to tell them of the job opening. I called Kyle not to long ago, just letting him know that I'd love to work a few days a week for him, because 1. I need a job and 2. I miss working with him. He told me there were no openings, but if anything did open up I'd be the first person he'd call.
The point is, Kyle heard of the job opening at Seagull Book and thought of me, a person he's seen probably three times in the past year and a half. And he was excited about letting me know, because he cares and he, for some reason I can't explain, is looking out for me.
For some reason this simple gesture just hit me like a ton of bricks, though not in a bad way, as that expression is usually used! :D
It's so nice to know that are people out there as truly good as Kyle. And he's my friend!
Anyway, super sappy, I know. But it needed to be said. So, to all you good friends of mine (you know who you are!), THANK YOU!


Lu said...

I would totally come visit you if you worked at Seagull Book. I love that store. Oh, and friends are a good thing too. :)

Pharmd Biker said...
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