Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Top 100 Movies Pt 1.

My life has been pretty blasted chaotic lately. Usually my day/week goes like this: Work, school, work, Young Women, school, work, work, free time that should be spent doing homework, but I choose to use as my "decompressing" time, and finally, stressing and panicking because I'm now behind on my homework (that doesn't fetching make sense in the first place.)
So, one of the things I've been doing to clear my head is I've been making a list of my top 100 favorite movies. It's actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. I know I've seen plenty over 100 movies, but SO many of them are not worth putting on the list. They have to be ones that I LOVE or really really like. My list is not in order from best to worst, nor do I base what goes on the list by the "quality" of the movie. There are a LOT of movies that I seriously love that are just generally accepted as crappy. Therefore you are going to see a lot of variety here. I haven't made it to 100 yet so I'll give you the first half now just because I feel like blogging. Once again, these movies are not in order. I actually don't have a #1 favorite movie. It's impossible to decide as the movie would change with my mood and situation in life. Example: this week I have watched The Man From Snowy River twice. I wouldn't be surprised if I watched it again in the next couple of days. Does this mean it's my favorite movie of all time? No. It just means it's hitting the spot right now and all I want to do is watch it, but I have no doubt that after this week I won't watch it again for a really long time. Anyway, onto the first 50 of my list. :)

1. Star Trek (2009)

2. Emma (2009 BBC)

3. The Man From Snowy River (I want to go to Australia!!)

4. The Last of the Mohicans (Best score of all time? Most likely.)

5. Persuasion (2008 BBC)

6. Cloverfield (So cool.)

7. National Treasure (such a fun movie!)

8. The Mummy (Total classic!)

9. North and South (BBC, not the one about the civil war.)

10. Major League 2 (So many memories, so many quotes.)

11. The X Files: Fight the Future. (Oh Mulder, you're such a Fox.)

12. King Arthur (This baby's score is in the running with #4)

13. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (Shoulda just stayed at one.)

14. Independence Day (Utah salt flats! Holla!)

15. While You Were Sleeping

16. A Bug's Life

17. Finding Nemo (Eskapay!)

18. Toy Story

19. Toy Story 2

20. Toy Story 3 (Holy crap this movie was amazing.)

21. The Simpsons Movie. :) :) :)

22. Pride & Prejudice (Keira Knightley version)

23. The Shawshank Redemption (OK, THIS movie could def. be on my list of GREATEST movies ever, but not necessarily my favorite.....make sense?)

24. Inception (I'm still not fully recovered from this.)

25. (500) Days of Summer

26. The Dark Knight

27. The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982)

28. Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (Oh, Bhuvan. Way to change my life. :D)

29. Equilibrium (Freakin awesome movie.)

30. Clueless (*sheepish grin*)

31. A Time to Kill (Again, one of the Greats, but not one I'd watch everyday, ya know?)

32. The Island (What a totally underrated movie.)

33. Just Like Heaven

34. Speed (Oh my heck, I've watched this movie so many times it's insane.)

35. The Matrix

36. Singing in the Rain (Someday, in heaven, I'll meet Gene Kelly and thank him personally for being so talented.)

37. The Sound of Music (No joke.)

38. Marry Poppins (Classic with a capital "C")

39. Milo & Otis (I can't even think about it without getting misty eyed and reminiscent.)

40. Ace Venture (I'm not even kidding. This is on here solely for the quotes I still use to this day.)

41. Terminator Salvation

42. Charade (Cary Grant, baby.)

43. Count of Monte Cristo (Love. It.)

44. One Fine Day (Never has a man been as charming as George Clooney is in this movie.)

45. White Christmas (I can watch it all year round.)

46. Frequency (I cry every time.)

47. The Sixth Sense

48. Signs

49. Far and Away (Thank you, Enya.)

50. Enchanted

So there you have it. The first half of my list. Stay tuned for the next half, which may be posted tomorrow, or perhaps in a month. Only time (which I have a very limited amount) will tell. Peace for now.


Life Is Beautiful said...

I was really surprised but I actually haven't seen very many of the movies on your list! You do have my all time fav though...While You Were Sleeping! Absolutely love that one...I think I want to make a list now! Have you seen Flipped or Eat Pray Love? I loved them both.

Leslee said...

And you say I've been no help contributing to this list?! I beg to differ. Can't wait to see how long it takes you to come up with 50 more movies :)

Leslee said...

And you'll notice the said absence of my Username Chubbylove. I laid her to rest. I figured if I was going to be posting comments on other blogs I needed a real name....one people would know :)

Vanae said...

With the exception of Mean Girls and The Burbs (two of the most hilarious movies I know about), I think all of my favorite movies were on your top 50 list. Really. How crazy is that? There were also a bunch I hate, but its all good. I believe you are still a good person. :)