Friday, July 13, 2012

Cool Creations- By Me. :)

Bright and Fun

And another "Joy" for a Nance Granddaughter. This one I love because of the complimentary colors. This isn't the finished product, I added a few more yellow swirls on the top, but I didn't get a picture of it.

This was fun to make. I got the idea off pinterest. It looks even more gorgeous in real life.
Also a Pinterest idea. Obviously I love butterflies. This is just a fun addition to my wall.

Made this for my good friend who loves Hawaii, so I used a tropic theme. :)

For my aunt who loves Disney. Disney's World of Color was my inspiration. :)
Another Disney theme. This one was so FUN to make. It turned out spectacular.

I made this for a wonderful friend of mine. Love the colors I used.


hepworthfamily said...

Holy cow doug! These are amazing. You are truly talented.

Lorene (just Lu) said...

I absolutely adore your work! That first one is my fave, but they are all amazing.

BTW, I meant to text you - Shopko (in Spanish Fork) had a bunch of nice-looking shadow boxes when I was there yesterday. I think they were $15 each? And they were mostly 11x14. If you decide you want some, I have a $10 off $75 coupon, if you want a bunch.

Nick and Keira said...

Freaking talented. That's all that can be said. :) I loved how you filled Mickey's head with hearts. :)

How much would you charge for a fire truck? Also, how much would you charge for a photoshoot for Lucas' 2nd birthday? It's coming right up...

Let me know!

Dusty said...

For Lucas' birthday I'd prob charge 50. :) I'd love to do it, too. :) The firetruck depends on the size and how much the frame would be. But I doubt more than thirty.